Richard Woolley Chess History!

I have just come across my old chess file with games going back to Feb 1961. That was a Worcs. Schools U'15 match against Queen Elizabeth Hartlebury. I played for King Charles I Grammar School Kidderminster. I won! In November 1961 I played my first game on board 6 for the Ist team and lost. My next loss for the School Ist Team was in my final game for the first team against Kidderminster, in the Spring of 1964. I played two seasons on top board in the Worcs. County Schools Chess League unbeaten. My best result was in early 1962. I managed a smothered mate in 10 moves playing on board 2. (Click the link at the end to see the game - webmaster).
In the second year I was Captain we won the County Chess Cup for the first time in about 60 years. We had a marvellous team. Not only was I unbeaten but so were the players on Boards 3 & 4. Boards 5 & 6 only lost one each and on Board 2 we had the Worcs. Schoolboy County Champion. He was better than me but I lost fewer games. He is now Captain of Glasgow Chess Club.
My first memory of Chess was when my best friend was given a Chess set for his birthday and, having been taught the moves by his father was keen to take me on. I beat him. I was hooked and duly asked for a set for my birthday just over a month later. I still have that set. I played regularly for Kidderminster, Bewdley and the County for several years but gave up in Feb 1974 due to work and illness. At my peak and also due to several very lucky wins I did have a grade of 151 but that did not last long!!
'Names' I played over the Board against included the Manchester player Vernon Dilworth who has a Ruy Lopez variation named after him. I only played him as, at a county match, the Worc. Board 1 did not turn up and neither did the Cheshire Board 53 (Fifty three boards in a county match - those were the days - webmaster). In 1964 I was supposed to play in a simultaneous against a certain M. Tal. He chickened out - some feeble excuse about having to go to Iceland. As a result a simultaneous was arranged about a year later against Paul Keres. I duly lost.

My Chess career was ressurected when I retired and joined Halesowen U3A where I met Tony Taylor. Thank you for making me welcome!

Richard Woolley v T Jones