Position of the Week
Black to play

White is threatening to queen the pawn and to take Black's Rook. Can Black do anything about these two threats?

Clue: Black's King has only one legal move

Answer: Black plays 1...Rd4!. So that if White Queens the pawn Black has the clever rejoinder 2....Rc4+! (See diagram)

When White takes the Rook it is stalemate. So should the game be a draw? No! White has another option. Instead of queening the pawn, he can promote it to a Rook instead. This removes the stalemate defence (the Rook doesn't control a2 from c4 as the Queen did) and also threatens mate with 3. Ra8+ Black's only defence to this is to occupy the a-file first with 3...Ra5. Now white has 4. Kb3! (see diagram)

White threatens mate with Rc1 and the black Rook. This time there is no defence. All that trickery with just King and one extra man each. Splendid!