Position of the Week

White to play

Don't look at the position yet! This is from a lightning game at the recent wolverhampton chess league lightning team tournament. You have 10 seconds for each move, so what do you play in that time? You can look now!

I hope you didn't take Black's pawn or move your king. That would be stalemate!

Moving your Queen away and allowing the black king out, or the b-pawn to move, will win eventually, but Pete Banks found the mate in three. 1. c3 wins but 1. c4! deserves its exclamation mark on elegance grounds, because Black's only legal move is bxc en passant, Surely a rarity.

The full finishing sequence was 1. c4! bxc e.p. 2. Qc3+ Kb1 3. Qc1 mate