The Pete Banks Annotated Collection

Pete is a member of Halesowen Chess Club. Why not come along one evening?

Two quick wins playing for Worcs. U-140 team
Best I've played for ages. I was half an hour late for this game, so was quite stressed when I got there. Perhaps this was the reason I played well. I only took about 20 minutes on my clock. It was the second game to finish. My opponent looked a bit sick afterwards. He'd come all the way from Essex, had to wait half an hour and then got smashed in double-quick time. How I laughed!
Pete Banks Banks v Frank Sealey, Worcs v Essex
How to win before the game starts! My opponent said "Here's to a close match" before the game, to which I replied "You won't get close". He seemed a bit distracted after that. This was even quicker than the last one!
Pete Banks v Neil Jerzynet, Worcs v Lancs

Goliath beats David
P Banks v R Marshall (190) Rock Cup QF 12/1/17
I haven't posted a game for a while mainly through lack of energy. This one's a loss, not surprisingly considering my opponent's grade, but afterwards he was kind enough to say that he was lucky and to show me a strong move that I'd missed. Anyway, I think it's the best I've played in a long time.
Pete Banks v Robert Marshall.

I drew with Arkell!
D Arkell v P Banks Wolv Div 4 1/9/16
Daniel Arkell that is, not his dad or uncle Keith. Nevertheless in a few years' time when he's an up-and-coming young IM and I'm even more of a doddering old fool than I am now, I'll be boasting in the bar about how I once drew with him. Anyway, Don was watching the latter part of the game and thought I was so lucky that he dared me to put it online and invite the webmaster to make a few comments and endure the mockery that would ensue. According to Don I'm always lucky if I don't lose, but he just doesn't understand my style, which is to deliberately play the opening badly and lure my opponent into an attack where he overreaches himself. And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!
Daniel Arkell v Pete Banks.

The Psychic Punch - MCCU Minor, Rd 3 - August 2016
I entered this because my grade has dropped badly, and I was just inside the grading limit, so thought I had a chance of winning. As it turned out, I found it quite hard going and lost in the last round. I struggled in the opening in most of the games, especially this one, so I had to employ a rarely-used technique that you won't find in any book.
Andy Carter v Pete Banks.

The game that won Worcester County Division 1
I was called in as a reserve for this match. This was either because they'd tried every other player they could think of or - the version I prefer - they called in the big guns for when the chips were down.... It looked very likely that I would lose for a long time, but in the end I managed a draw, which meant that with a little help from the rest of the team, we drew the match and won the title. I've been playing better since Christmas but most of the games haven't been very interesting. This one was. It's not often that I've been outgraded by nearly 40 points and had a lost-looking position and still managed to get a result.
Geoffrey Herbert v Pete Banks.

Gordon Sands v Pete Banks
I finally won a game after a really bad run. I was black in a Ruy Lopez Schliemann variation, which I've just discovered. The game swung to and fro. I lost a pawn at one point but managed to get it back. Anyway, Malcolm Hunt glanced at the R+P endgame and assumed it was drawn. When he later discovered I had won, he asked me how on earth I had managed. My answer of 'sheer skill' didn't seem to satisfy him, so he asked me to submit it for inclusion on the website. So here it is, Malcolm, for your delectation and education.
Gordon Sands v Pete Banks.

Mike Nevin - BDCL Div 2 v Solihull 14/10/15
I've just had a run of 12 games without a win (and only 3 draws!). Don't expect to see any of those here, though I did put up a good fight in most of them. I finally broke the streak with a win in the Rock Cup, and then played this one the next day. I was under the cosh for the whole game, with 5 connected pawns advancing towards my king at one point, supported by various pieces. I don't know if anyone else read the Wizard and similar comics in the 1950s, but they used to include written stories as well as cartoons. Each episode usually ended with the hero surrounded by cannibals or Germans or Japs and in a hopeless situation. The next episode often seemed to start something like "Jack was still surrounded" and then the cliche "And with one bound he was free!". That's the story of this game. Never give up!
Pete Banks v Mike Nevin

Triumphant Return 10/3/2015 After about 6 months out of the game because of illness, I made my return to competitive chess. I still get very tired, so asked to play on bottom board, despite my grade being massively higher than Don's (by 2 points!). I was still outgraded. Anyway, I was forced to play a defensive masterpiece. Nothing changes and after I had won, it was called a miracle and that I was lucky. It was always under control, and just because people don't understand my games doesn't mean that I'm lucky.
Alan Burnett v Pete Banks

P Banks (135) v M Groombridge (163) Rock Cup Semi-Final
I was dreading this game as I thought I'd get smashed. I told my very courteous opponent this before the game, and perhaps my mind games worked! Anyway, despite missing a crushing move on move 21, my opponent resigned immediately anyway.
Pete Banks v Mike Groombridge

How to win a game with a Bad Bishop
T Meakin v P Banks Rock Cup 7 January 2014 I must have been about 40 before I came across the idea of a bad bishop. If I understand the concept correctly, it is to do with a bishop being trapped behind its own pawns. In that case, my bishop in this game must be the worst ever. It moved 1 square - to b7 - and was trapped there until the end of the game. The twist is - my opponent resigned because he couldn't prevent that same bishop giving mate - still without moving!
T Meakin v Pete Banks

Pete Banks v John Foxall Wdcl Divison 3, 5 November 2013
There's a bit of a back story to this one. I only remember playing Mr Foxall once before, about 20 years ago, when he played and I accepted the Goring gambit, and I lost badly. He said that maybe he'd get his revenge for today's game in another 20 years, and I said yes he'd probably win because I'd be dead by then. Dave Scriven told me that he (Dave) was ineligible for this match because the Wolverhampton League Records Secretary had deemed him too highly-graded for this division, despite him being lower graded than a couple of their regular players - Eric Horwill and Julie Wilson. Can it be purely a coincidence that the Wolv. Lge. Records Secretary is Mr Scriven himself, and could it possibly, be that he is terrified of having to play me, as I have ripped a swathe of destruction through Stourbridge players in the last few years? (There are a few honourable exceptions like Nick Harris and Julie Wilson).
Anyway, in this game I was outplayed in the opening as usual, and was subjected to a terrific attack. Somehow, I survived, but was still objectively lost. My opponent then missed an incredible move where I responded to a threat on my Queen by putting another piece en prise, which led to a won game. Don was playing next to me on a higher board, thanks to some calculation error by the ECF grading committee, and he thought I was 'jammy'. He always says this when I win brilliantly and he only scrapes a boring draw. He wanted it to be entered for what he called 'the Alex Holowczak award for jammy chess', which he has created in memory of his unfortunate loss to Alex last week. (Ed. There was a further exchange between Don, Pete and myself, but I haven't published it, just in case Alex is litigious!)
John Foxall v Pete Banks

A good win. P Banks v P Burgess 28/2/2013
This must be unique. A game I won without making an obvious mistake. Instead of my usual recovery from leaving a piece en prise or something, I played what I thought was a good game with plenty of sacs. My opponent defended stoutly but for once I didn't blunder.
Pete Banks v Phil Burgess

A Houdini act to salvage a draw. A Burnet v P Banks 26/2/13 Dudley Div 1
In this game I made a terrible but unusual blunder which lost a pawn and the exchange. I used to think that I was the new Lasker, but perhaps the new Marshall is more accurate. The move which saved this game was at least the equal of the move that caused spectators to shower the board with gold pieces in the game Levitzky-Marshall in 1912. (Plus Marshall was known as a great swindler).
Pete Banks v Alan Burnet

Pete Banks v Peter Evans 4/12/12 WDCL Div 3 (note only 3 days since the previous Houdini act - webmaster)
This is by special request by Maureen. It was quite interesting and a bit unusual because I sac on f7 as usual, but the bishop stays there for most of the game! It's also the third game in a row where I blunder a piece but still win!
Pete Banks v Peter Evans

Rescuing a lost cause - episode 37 1/12/2012
I'm still getting over the flu, so I wasn't looking forward to this game. Anyway, I started ok, then lost a piece and had to start retreating. Then somehow I conjured up an attack out of nowhere and ended up winning. Giles Stanton, our captain, said it was like Houdini. It seems to take a blunder before I start playing properly!
Pete Banks v Alan Brown

Fahy's Revenge!
P Banks v John Fahy Dudley Div 1 8/11/2012
Bob Grimes, our captain, is too nice a guy to want to win the Dudley League, so he usually plays me on board 2 in this U-175 League. He's even dragged Don into the team from the lower reaches of the club! Anyway, as I'm no Chris Haddon, I duly lost to my higher graded opponent who asked for the game to go on the website as a counter-balance to the game where I beat him in about 11 moves a few years ago. That game seems to have mysteriously disappeared, but never mind (not disappeared - just misplaced. It's one of a mini-collection of five quick Pete wins. I've put it in it's rightful place now, here - Webmaster). This one was a good battle.
Pete Banks v John Fahy

Worcs U-140 v Staffs 10/11/2012
This was a real ding-dong battle. I was under the cosh for a long time, then managed to get back into the game, then nearly threw it away again, then finally heroically triumphed! It's easily the best battle I've been in for a long time, though possibly not the best chess!
P Banks v M Page

This was a very strange game which started with the Saragossa Opening and was followed by my opponent making 11 pawn moves in the first 14. To avoid being overrun, I felt I had to counter with 7 of my first 9 being pawn moves as well. It was a very interesting change to the normal openings.
N Collings v P Banks

P Banks - M Nijjar Birmingham Summer League 2012
A Quick win against a Junior. Never a bad thing!
M Nijjar v P Banks

How on earth did I win this?
In this game, my opponent played the Kings Gambit, which I accepted, and was therefore a pawn up. For a while, he completely outplayed me, and after thinking I was going to be mated in about 15 moves, I ended up two pawns down after 22. After 33 moves we were down to a R+P endgame with me still 2 pawns down, and the ones I had left were all isolated. Without me doing anything clever, or him obviously blundering, I won in 45! Don said that whatever I was playing, it wasn't chess, but what does he know? Paul Sharratt, his opponent said it was Harry Potter stuff. I felt so guilty afterwards that I actuallly apologised to my opponent! This is the second time in the last few years that I have won after being 2 pawns down against Stourbridge in a R+P endgame. Get three next time lads! It was noteworthy that Dave Scriven yet again bottled the possibility of having to play me.
John Loynes v P Banks

P Banks - M Ferguson Dudley 2 Board 1 18/10/2011
Here's one where we played a team of children. We all hate doing this because if you win everyone says "Of course you won because he was only a kid", and if you lose you just get mockery. Obviously I won this one else it wouldn't be here. To see more about this brilliant opening check out this Blogspot (specially recommended for those wanting a quiet positional game :-) ).
P Banks v M Ferguson

Jerome Gambit Strikes again 30/10/2010
Before this game I had promised Rick Kennedy who has a blog about it Here that I'd play it in this county match if I could. This is to try to cement my position as the leading OTB player of this opening in the world.
P Banks v D Dunne Worcs v Derby, U140

Here's what I think is quite a good endgame. I expect Maureen or someone who actually knows about endgames will find that I could have won quicker, but it might be helpful for less experienced players.
D Brooks v P Banks Worcs v Sussex U140

Blackburne Shilling Gambits are like buses.
That's right, you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once. here are two games I played within 4 days. Total moves 44, and it should have been a lot less.
G Garside v Pete Banks
P Nixon v Pete Banks

Poetry in Motion
This is a replay of an earlier drawn match. Mr Masefield is related to the famous poet. During the first game I wrote the following pastiche.

I must go down to the club again,
The lonely club on the hill.
And there I'll chop some wood again
Until I've had my fill

OK, so I'm not the Poet Laureate but Mr Masefield liked it. Perhaps because of the distraction we drew that game. However, this one is a nice win.
Pete Banks v John Masefield

Quick Win This is my best entry so far for the Quick Win trophy 2009-10. I think it may have been beaten already though. Still, he did outgrade me by 20 points.
Pete Banks v Jeremy Humphries

Warley Quinbourne's Revenge
A few scores settled

How to win before the first move is played
Anon v Pete Banks

Which way to win? Was Maureen right?
B Smith v P Banks

A Walk on the Wild Side - P Banks v R Brodie Halesowen v Bushbury Wolv U-110 Cup Board 1 15/10/2008

Chapter 1
I haven't played for a couple of seasons, so have forgotten where some of the clubs are. Anyway, I thought our captain had said Rushall, not Bushbury (well, they've both got an 'ush' in them!). Though Tony had sent me directions to Bushbury, I'd looked up Rushall while at work, and simply programmed their postcode into my sat-nav. I set off in good time, but was held up by traffic and arrived just before 7:30. I tried the back door of the pub they play in. It was locked, so I went round the front. Now the last time I played here one of the pub regulars spat at my feet as I was walking in, so I was slightly wary. I went in, and the place was deserted except for the barmaid and a few locals playing pool and glowering. The one I noticed particularly had a shaved head, and one of those T-shirts with the arms ripped off that said something like "F--- off world" on the front. He also had 'Love' and 'Hate' tattooed on his knuckles and a dotted line round his neck labelled 'Tear Here'. He had various other tattoos as well, but I didn't take them all in. Well you don't like to stare, do you? Anyway, as I was asking the barmaid if the chess club still met there, only to be told "Yes, but on Mondays", this character marched purposefully behind me, taking his pool cue with him. Could be in a bit of trouble here I thought. The next thing I know, he taps me on the shoulder. Uh oh “Here, mate, you dropped your fags” he said, in a pleasant voice.

Chapter 2
Back in the car park, I had a think, and decided that the venue should have been Bushbury, so I drove there as fast as I could, arriving about 8:00 in the district, but nothing looked familiar. I didn’t have anyone’s phone number with me, so I pulled into a side road and phoned home. I talked my computer-phobic wife through switching on, logging on, closing down warning messages etc etc and eventually managed to get her to navigate to Bushbury’s club site and give me the post code. I quickly found the club, which was locked. I managed to get let in and sat down in the only empty seat. I now had 25 minutes left on my clock for 30 moves. I thought that the procedure was that if a team member turned up late, everyone else moved up a place, so I assumed that I was playing board 4. After the night I’d had so far I needed to let off steam a bit, and under the impression that I was on board 4, thought that my opponent would be relatively weak. So what else could I play but the Jerome Gambit? After I committed to it, I looked at my opponent again, and recognised him. Surely he was a reasonable player? I sneaked a look over Tony’s shoulder at the match card, and sure enough I was still playing board one! Not one of my better nights!
P Banks v R Brodie

Play the White man! R Evans v Pete Banks 6/10/2008 My opponent claimed to have played White for all but 2 or 3 of his games in the last 20 years! And very good at it he was too. I was losing this game from about the fifth move, and went into a rook ending 2 pawns down. However I then managed what Dave Scriven (who was watching) said was in the top 5 of my greatest swindles ever. I thought it was skilful play. See what you think.
R Evans v P Banks

I'm back! After a couple of years off league chess, I've decided it's time to get back into action. Here's a win from the 2008 Wolverhampton Summer League involving multiple Queens and multiple Queeen sacrifices.
P Banks v P Nixon

This game was played online at It's one of the best swindles I've ever done - and that's saying something!
Baron wd von Blanc v Pete Banks

M Steed v P Banks Dudley Div 2 Wolverhampton v Halesowen
Before the match, their captain told me that they'd turned out their best team in our last match and they got hammered, so he hadn't tried so hard this time. My opponent asked me my grade before the game and I refused to tell him as usual. Afterwards I told him, but he refused to say his. I looked him up afterwards, and his grade was 10!
M Steed v P Banks

White Van Man chess.
You know how white van drivers go manoeuvre/signal/mirror rather than the conventional order? Well this is the chess equivalent. Instead of develop/attack/win material, I go Attack/win material/develop. Anyway, this is how to beat a Russian teenage prodigy.
S Tourbassova v P Banks

Pete Banks - Maureen Clark Dudley League Div 2 v Halesown A 06/01/05
Here is a sacrificial attack which worked despite a few alarms, and some stout resistance. We could possibly finish runners-up in this league now.
P Banks v Maureen Clark

Pete Banks v Fred Freshwater Dudley Div 2 9/12/04
At the risk of offending half of my fan base, DAVE SCRIVEN WAS TOO WIMPY TO TURN UP! Anyway, here's a game I played quite well, despite sterling resistance from Fred. That's 5 in a row now. Eat my shorts.
P Banks v Fred Freshwater

The Shades Gambit.
Worcs U-125 v Leics U-125 4/12/04. I've just got a new pair of sunglasses. I wanted mirrored ones really, but these will have to do. The idea is that my opponent can't see which side of the board I'm looking, which should give me an advantage. I'm old enough to remember Fischer complaining about Tal wearing shades in a Candidates Tournamnet in the late 1950s. If it's good enough for Tal, it's good enough for me. Anyway, they worked.
P Banks v R W D King

The first 15 moves are the best part of this game. It's basically won after that. An example of a premature attack that works for once!
B Lewis - P Banks Dudley League Div 2 25/11/04

I'm on a roll now. Here's how to beat one of the best juniors in Warwickshire, and on debut in the 4NCL to boot. I ended up with two queens, but mated him with a pawn!
D Malik v Pete Banks, Halesowen v Warwickshire Select, 4NCL

This game will go down in history! Not only does it end my run of 15 games without a win, but it is the dawning of a new chess theory. Forget Steinitz, and all the misguided theories that have been built on his wrong-headed notions. This game builds directly on the theories of Philidor, and the pawn phalanx. If a pawn phalanx, why not a piece phalanx? You saw it here first folks. Read more about it in my forthcoming book - "How to win at chess without actually thinking".
Pete Banks v P Bull Worcs v Warks U-125 Board 15

How to sac Q, R and N to get a perpetual. Well the Q wasn't really a sac because he couldn't take it, but still pretty good. I just wish I could see these combinations to win games, not just draw them!
Pete Banks v Phil Trevis

This was played on the Chessworld site. It's sort of Chess by email, but on a website. If anyone wants to join, name Blackburne as your welcomer.
I've played over 400 games on here since February, and haven't won a real game since then. I wonder if it's a coincidence?
Pete Banks v Hertford

I thought I was doing OK in this, though I was having to defend a strong attack. After the game I congratulated my opponent on maintaining his attack so well, and he said that he had once been 136. After I beat him twice last year, he was determined to play at his best. So I suppose that's some consolation.
Pete Banks v P Bull

How to go two pawns down in 9 moves, have no pieces developed and be unable to castle, and get a draw. I haven't won since February. I wonder if I ought to work on my openings?
A Draper v Pete Banks

The car park, the radiator, the cups and the quickest draw I've ever had. I know I've played at Stourbridge before, and parked in the car park, but not this time. When I arrived, the barrier was down, and the bloke in front ran over to the club, then came back and drove through. I was going to tailgate him, but the barrier came down too quickly. So I ran over to the club and explained the situation. No dice. What about the other bloke? He was different apparently. I was a guest of the chess club? Nothing. What about the fact that there were now three cars backed up behind me? They'll have to reverse out onto the main road. "There's a notice that says members only". "Yes, but you can't see it at night till you've driven up to the barrier." "Tough". So the other cars had to reverse out, followed by me. Total chaos. Then I have to drive all round the Ring Road to get back to the multi-storey car park near the club. Guess what? No change. So I let young Joe Curry out, and drive all round the ring road again and park on double yellow lines on a service road. I sit down to play and I have a full-blast radiator in my back. No-one else does. I don't think this is going to be my night. Anyway, after further adventures (see game) I end up getting the shortest draw I've ever had. On the plus side, Eric Horwill gave me two cups that Halesowen won last year. As it's near the end of the season, we should keep them for about a fortnight!
M Podlesak v Pete Banks

Fighting Mike Tyson.
Glen Windows may not look much like Mike Tyson, but in chess ability compared to me he is like Mike Tyson to those 'Bums of the Month' that Tyson fought when he first came out of prison. Anyway, if you had to fight Tyson, how would you approach it? There wouldn't be much point trying to defend, so my attitude would be to try to knock him out first.
Pete Banks v G Windows

The Sucker Punch! The moral of this one is always check what your opponent's doing. Sounds obvious? Not to me when I scent blood and my opponent seems to be only defending. Incidentally, my opponent said that his club were looking for leagues to join, but rejected Birmingham because they have adjournments.
Pete Banks v B Smith

P Bull v P Banks Dudley League 25/2/04 The return match. This was the away match though we played at home (don't ask). On paper their team is stronger than last week and ours is weaker, so the pressure's on for me to win again, and this guy's quite good.
P Bull v Pete Banks

Dudley Lge v Warley Quinborne 17/2/04 We're still in the running to win this league, so I need to win. I thought I knew all their players, and was getting ready to beat up one of my old victims, but this guy was new to me. He asked my grade and I refused to tell him till after the match. If he knows how weak I am, he might crush me.
Pete Banks v P Bull

P Banks - L Chruschiel 5/2/2004 BDCL v Tamworth Bd 4 Roped into this tedious 19th Century League again, with adjournments. On paper, we should lose this, as their board 5 is 109, and our board 1 is 110. Still, we'll give it a go. I sac a N for 3 pawns, but go wrong in the end.
Pete Banks v L Chruschiel

P Banks v C B Jones Dudley Div 2 Board 1. After my last two games I was very confident. However, pride goes before a fall. This is one of the rare games where I lose without making what I would call a blunder. In hindsight, I can see a few places where I could have improved, but basically I was just outplayed.
Pete Banks v C B Jones

R O'Harney(Salop) v P Banks(Worcs) County U-125 31.01.04 Continuing my good form. Not quite such a quick win (13 moves), but this one was all my own work.
R O'Harney v Pete Banks

P Banks v J Burke BDCL Div 4 Board 3 13/1/04 I can't claim any credit for this as it's a well-known trap. I just claim credit for playing these agressive lines. And, for all my critics, it's NOT lucky! Anyway this is my attempt to reclaim the fastest win trophy. (See P Banks v J Pakenham a couple of years ago).
Pete Banks v J Burke

Tony Spittle (127) - P Banks(104). Worcs County Div 1 Board 6. 9/1/04. I conned my way into playing as reserve for the Division 1 team when some people weren't available. I must win to prove that I am the best possible reserve for Division 1.
Tony Spittle v Pete Banks

Worcs U-125 v Staffs U-125 Venue : A wooden hut in the back end of nowhere Our esteemed webmaster said I was "a tiny bit lucky" in the last game (that IS what I said - what I meant was "you lucky, lucky bugger" - Ed.). So here's one for him and all the other doubters of my genius. In it I luckily win a pawn by a little combination, then luckily improve my position and exchange pieces into a luckily won endgame, which I then luckily win.
P Allan v Pete Banks

Bham Lge Div 4 Bd 4, 25/11/03 Good players in the club tell me I should always have a plan. I tend to start each move afresh, and think of each position as a problem "White to play and win" - or quite often "white to play and survive"! There's a bit of both in this game. Anyway, I have formulated a plan that should work for every game:- 1) Don't lose any material except on purpose in the first ten moves 2) Look for tactics 3) Checkmate him!!
Pete Banks v W Carter

This game was in the Homer trophy, against a Div 3 side. My opponent turned up late. I always lose when they do that. So now you know how to beat me. Mind you some people say that the way to beat me is just to turn up and play chess!
Pete Banks v P Boynton

Fresh from my triumph on Thursday, I expected this to be easy. However my opponent not only left no weaknesses, but played extrememly quickly (less than an hour for 80 moves). This is a long positional game, where I was doing ok most of the time. With a name like that, I reckon he's an eastern grandmaster in disguise.
Pete Banks v B Pourmozagari

We need to keep winning to have a chance of winning the Dudley League Division 2. When we turned up, Wolverhampton were expecting to play Mercia, but we got it sorted out.
Pete Banks v S Wilson

This is the return match Halesowen 'B' v Halesowen 'A'. I daren't lose again. It shows the way I should play if I play to my strengths. Openings- weak, middle game - prone to blunders, endgame - reasonable. Trouble is, I prefer throwing pieces around. Endgames are boring.
Kevin Ryder v Pete Banks

I played the following game in the Leamington Congress (U130 section) after losing my first two games and adjourning for a pint (the only type of adjournments I like!!). I've protected my opponent's name out of sympathy.
Pete Banks v A N Other

Here we are again, roped into the Bham League. I hate adjournments.
Pete Banks v S Singhal

This year we have entered two teams in Dudley League Division 2, and they have to play each other first to avoid match-fixing allegations. I have been tricked into captaining the 'B' side by our Machiavellian secretary, Kevin Ryder. We won 3-1 Haha! This game is against Don Curry, who for non-Halesowen members is the giant you see at Chess Congresses. It is a match of raw talent (me) versus someone who takes the game seriously. The result is obvious.
Don Curry v Pete Banks

How to sac 2 pieces in the first seven moves, have no pieces off the first rank after 19, and still win!
Pete Banks v Mike Rees

How to win the Tony Evers Memorial match. This is an annual 'friendly' match against Stourbridge, and Halesowen hardly ever win. I think I played quite well in this one.
P Trevis v Pete Banks

I'd forgotten about this match, so here's how to win when you're late.
G Harman v Pete Banks

A win at last! I have now given up playing any league where adjournments happen. John Edge told me he didn't like rapid-play finishes becasue the nuances of the end-game get lost. This game proves to him that they don't.
Pete Banks v S Shaw

Before this game I thought - ok, you've broken your losing run, just be careful, Double check everything, play steady etc. This is the result. After the game, John Bingham, our board 1 said my Bh3 was a 'brave' sacrifice. I think this is good-player speak for 'Why did you play that, you idiot?'.
C Eddies v Pete Banks

Warley Quinborne at home. We usually do well against them lately. I've really got to get a win. Lost 7 out of 8 now, and the eighth was a lucky draw.
V Ward v Pete Banks

John is a good player, and I've had a very bad run lately. Determined not to let this one slip. Play sensibly.
John Llewellyn v Pete Banks

This game was played in a ten-pin bowling alley, in a store room. Very cramped conditions. That's the excuses anyway.
D Price v Pete Banks

Another game I thought I was winning, but then I blundered. From now on, I'm going to play more solidly, even if it is as boring as hell.
Pete Banks v M Schroeder

This game is a good example of why I'm giving up playing Birmingham League next season. My opponent was even older than me, and was way behind on the clock, and starting to play relatively weak moves. If we had finished on the night, I am convinced I would have won. However it was adjourned, and he put the game through a computer program and memorised all the lines. Do boxers adjourn after 5 rounds? Do snooker or darts players come back again a week later in a tense match, having received coaching in the meantime? It's nonsense.
Pete Banks v G Hardy

This finishes my losing run. All I have to do now is win! This game illustrates a subtle strategy in which you allow your opponent to get a supported passed pawn on the seventh, plus a mate-in-1 threat, have a two pawn advantage and then draw.
C McKay v Pete Banks

This was the third game I lost in 3 days. I'd been having a good season up till now as well! At least I played a bit better this time (i.e. only dropped pawns, not pieces). Excuse - opponent talked to himself throughout the game.
P Stockhall v Pete Banks

This is possibly the worst game I've ever played. It's almost certainly the worst you'll ever see published. Read this and weep (probably with laughter). See end of game for handy list of excuses. Feel free to use any of them if you wish.
Pete Banks v P Gough

Here's one for everyone who thinks I'm usually lucky. I didn't 'get away with it' this time. Luckily we still won the match.
Pete Banks v B Hall

For a change, I think this is quite a good game, though I'm sure there will be plenty of people to tell me I was lucky as usual. I missed a couple of things, but when I had a winning position, my opponent allowed me to mate him with a pawn in the middle of the board. Also, it was a perfect mate - no escape square covered more than once.
Pete Banks v P Jones

Everyone in the club thought I was lucky to draw this game. I was a piece down, and forced perpetual check by saccing my rook. I reckon that's skill. What do you think?
Pete Banks v E Maciel

How to drop a pawn in the first 3 moves, and win easily.
Pete Banks v S Singhal

How to have no pieces developed after 9 moves, then force resignation by castling on move 16.
C Adams v Pete Banks

How to win a piece, lose it again, and scrape a draw.
P Broomhall v Pete Banks

How to rescue a lost game by tactics.
Vic Ward v Pete Banks

Surviving a big attack to win.
Pete Banks v A Jones

In which our hero has one pawn and no pieces developed after 19 moves, and still wins! I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Perhaps I'm the new Lasker? Play badly to lure your opponent on, then stuff him with tactics. Only trouble is, Lasker's supposed to have done it on purpose.
A McKeown v Pete Banks

This next game is here by popular request - 'The Infamous h4 Game'. The background is that my opponent is graded about 30 points higher than me. I had once played him in the final of the BDCL division 6 individual when I drew the first game and lost the second badly. In the first game I ended up with bishop and pawn against a bare king. Unfortunately it was rook's pawn and the wrong coloured bishop. I now know that this is a draw if his king can get in the corner. My opponent did know this, and kept offering me a draw, and jumping up and down and getting all his mates to come and watch the game. I was a bit annoyed by this and my loss in the replay, so I thought I'd spring my surprise weapon on him. I reckoned that if I could get him out of his opening knowledge I stood a better chance. Unfortunately it didn't work. The Olton club published this in their bulletin and on their website, and I've been asked to give my version. All I can say is - watch out Mr Cottom when we play again. I might try a4 next time!
Pete Banks v A Cottom

I have been asked to include some losses. I haven't lost any lately, so here is what I think is my quickest loss ever.
Pete Banks v O Anderton