18/10/19 Fixtures and Results updated. Also, there's been a problem with the padlock on the storage shed. Those few people who ever bother to get the equipment out might need to ask for a key to the new lock from behind the bar.
Next week's fixtures
22/10/2019 Tuesday Birmingham 1 S Bham B H Tuesday Birmingham 4 Greenlands A 24/10/2019 Thursday Birmingham 5 Lichfield A
10/10/19 As a club we have now played 100 boards and got 47 points. In matches we have W7 D3 L9. Results have been updated.

3/10/19 Results updated.

20/9/19 Latest Fixtures and results now updated.

18/9/19 Quickest win set at 9 moves. Allgaier gambit! See New Games for details.

5/9/19 John Edge won the summer ladder. Manvith did well at the world U-12 championship. See individual results for details.

3/9/19 First result of the season. B'ham Div 2 drew away with West Brom. They were heavily outgraded. Great start! The fixtures page has been updated and should be clearer than before.

23/8/19 Fixtures for all leagues are now available from the left-hand menu.

20/8/19 John Edge's blitz night was won by John with 8/8 followed by Tony Taylor and Pete on 4 and Mike and Don on 2.

17/8/19 Paul is now 2nd in the ladder. Dudley Fixtures now available.

8/8/19 Manvith will represent England in the World U-12 championship in China starting on 21st August.

6/8/19 John Edge beat Don in the Club Championship final. Early on it looked as though John was winning easily as he had two bishops with clear lines to Don's kingside and an advanced pawn on about e6, but that storm was weathered and Don counterattacked a bit, but John eventually got a mating attack on the queenside.

4/8/19 Manvith has just finished 2nd in the British U-12 championship! Fantastic!

31/7/19 Last night we had Stewart and Malcolm's comedy simul. I don't know the final score as some people played 2 concurrent games and others 2 or more consecutive games. Andy won 1 and drew the other, making him the star of the night. Also 3 potential new members turned up.

24/7/19 Finlay and Manvith were both unbeaten in their England games, Finlay getting 5/5! More details in the individual section.

24/7/19 Two ladder games were played last night. John Edge is now top. The rules have been modified to allow challenges to players 5 places above you in the list, as there are so many who do not turn up. Also, Don is not happy with the rules and has volunteered in front of witnesses to run the ladder next year.

23/7/19 New grades are out. See Members section on left of screen. Also, Finlay and Manvith are currently playing for England in the Glorney Cup! More detail in the Individual Results section when the event has finished.

22/7/19 Stourbridge are running a blitz tournament on 21st August starting at 7:15. Don has sent an email round to most people or see Stourbridge website for further details.

20/7/19 Some people have experienced problems with accessing the fixtures. I have tried a few different formats and have hit on one that seems to satisfy the most picky user (Don). Could anyone else who has had problems try it out and let me know if they are content or not? Thanks.

19/7/19 Tony Evers match v Stourbridge. As usual we had fewer players than them, but they lent us 4 or 5 players drawn out of the hat. Overall result was 7.5-4.5 to us. We won for once. I don't know the individual results apart from my win, so don't know how much of this was due to Stourbridge players. UPDATE We would have won just on our own results. Tony Stokes and Martyn drew, and me, Tony Taylor and Joyce won. We were heavily outgraded.

16/7/19 A Buzzer tournament run by Stewart (who unselfishly did not take part himself) attracted 6 entrants so was made an all-play-all. Winner was John Edge with 5/5, Paul was a worthy runner-up with 4, 3rd place was shared by Pete and Andy, with Adrian and Don further back. A great result for the under-110 contingent.

10/7/19 Ladder news. John Edge is now within range of the top, and is biding his time in order to snatch the lead at the last moment.

9/7/19 News of youngsters' recent Individual results from the left-hand menu.

5/7/19 Some ladder games were played on Tuesday, with the lead changing hands twice. First Paul Evans took top spot from Joyce and then he fell victim to a kings-side attack which, had it only been annotated, would have lived on in chess annals through the ages. This was of course played by me.

29/6/19 The Pairs tournament for next Tuesday, 2nd July has been CANCELLED for lack of interest, though if enough show up unexpectedly and want to play I'm sure we can arrange something.

28/6/19 WDCL fixtures for 2019-20 are available on the left of the screen.

25/6/19 Don Curry won his semi-final of the club championship against Adrian Priest and will play John Edge in the final. The formatting has gone a bit wrong in the club championship file but as there's just the one match to go I don't actually care enough to change it (I did try). There were 5 entries in the Blitz Handicap Tournament and despite having to overcome serious time handicapping, John Edge was unstoppable with a perfect 8/8, a distant 2nd was Paul Evans with 4/8 and a notable performance by Tony Taylor in 3rd with 3/8, recording a win against Paul, Tony Stokes and Dale. The ladder has also been updated.

19/6/19 BDCL fixtures have been arranged, and have been uploaded.

18/6/19 More ladder games played and table updated. John Edge is on the march! Also, the sets were all checked and sorted thanks mainly to Mike Hadley, with assistance from a few others.

12/6/19 A number of books from our original library have been discovered and added to the Bill Cross library section.

11/6/19 The ladder competition started, with 5 games being played. The ladder file has been updated and the rules tweaked slightly to make them clearer.

9/6/19 Ade and Dale's simul ended with them winning 4, losing 6 and drawing 1. Winners were John Edge, Tony Stokes, Stewart, Andy, Dustin and Paul. Pictures here, here, here, and here.
A belated welcome to Stuart Maynes, who played in the simul. The next two Tuesdays will be for friendlies and Ladder games.
The Links section has been updated to show Mercia's new website

31/5/19 The Summer Events have been scheduled and start next week. There is a new version of an old competition - the Ladder, which will run throughout the summer - see Menu on left. Please let Pete know if you don't intend to play in it.

30/5/19 The players concerned have decided to play in BDCL Div 5 next season. Good luck chaps!

27/5/19 Honours, History, Contacts and Archive have been updated. Minutes of AGM are here. Let me know if you spot any errors.

16/5/19 Draft Agenda for AGM next week here.

15/5/19 WDCL webmaster's report shows that Silas was the top junior in that league, with Manvith runner-up. Congratulations to both!

13/5/19 Clean Sweep! Manvith has won the BDCL Ritson Morry Trophy for best young Chess Player of the year, and Stewart has won the B H Wood prize for best game of the season. The game has been published on the BDCL website.

3/5/19 The WDCL has a page of stats for the season here. Silas is ranked highest. Also the Div 4 team had the greatest shock win. A Halesowen team finished 7th out of 12 in the WDCL blitz tournament last night.

2/5/19 Season finally finished. We won Worcester 2 and Dudley 1 and were runners-up in Worcester 1 and Wolverhampton 3. Final Reg Beasley table now available on left complete with extra tables. Congratulations to John Davis. Great performance! Stewart continues his record of scoring over 50% in every season that the trophy has been going. The all-time record has been updated too.

16/4/19 The first match in the Club Championship has been completed. Adrian predictably beat Pete and is in the semi-finals.

9/4/19 There were only 8 entries for the Club Championship this year, so there are now 6 whole weeks between final dates for each round. See left-hand menu for details. As there were no first-round byes, late entries can not be accepted.

4/4/19 John Edge has won the BDCL Open Individual championship!

31/3/19 Halesowen results at today's BDCL Rapidplay championships are in the individual results section. Don won the Minor! Also, Reg Beasley table as of end of March now available. Keith Arkell has the highest percentage but can't now win as he can't play 11 games. John Davis leads amongst those who can win, but 7 players have over 60%.