19/6/18 Keith Arkell gave a simul and won 14-0. He said that the best game against him was by Manvith. My own contribution was overlooked for some reason.

18/6/18 Windsor Peck died peacefully in his sleep on July 15th. He had been a valued and popular member of the club for decades and continued to play for us even after he moved to Telford some years ago. His last appearance was in the first round of the club championship a couple of weeks ago, which he won. He will be sadly missed.

12/6/18 First Summer event - Ade and Dale gave a comedy simul and ran into an ambush by 3 Div 1 players amongst others. Result W3 D3 L7. Great fun!

3/6/18 Archive, History, Contacts and Fees have been updated. Link to Minutes of AGM here. .

30/5/18 There was a BDCL Summer League match against Wolverhampton. 1 won, 1 lost and narrow loss overall. Also, Windsor beat Joyce to go into the second round of the club championship, and Dave Roberts drew with Tony Stokes.

27/5/18 Nick won the Wolverhampton League Rock Cup. Summer Events are now available in the left-hand section of the screen.

22/5/18 Finlay has won the BDCL Ritson Morry award for 2017-18. Congratulations! At this rate he'll have to get some new shelves put up!

14/5/18 From Dustin: "Finlay won the u13 section of the Warwickshire Megafinal on Sunday. Manvith won the under 10 section, and all three have qualified for the Midlands Gigafinal, whereupon qualification from there leads to the Terrafinal where the best in the country get to compete for prize money of 1500 1st place in the u14 section and 750 1st place in the u10."

12/5/18 Preliminary round of the Club Championship is complete. First round matches to be played by June 19th. Also, the final Reg Beasley table has been updated with the tables of who has played the most, won the most, etc. These will now not be given out at the AGM.

27/4/18 The season is over, Dudley 2 should be at least Runners-up in their division. Keith has won the Reg Beasley. Club Championship has started with at least one game being played next Tuesday. See the menu on the left for details.

19/4/18 Worcester Div2 has been won! Dudley 3b are Runners-up. Well done everyone.

14/4/18 Last date for entry to the Club Championship is 20th April. Draw will be at the club on 24th April. Final dates for rounds as follows: Preliminary - 22nd May. 1st - 19th June. 2nd - 10th July. Semi-Final 7th August. Final - 28th August. Rules,

6/4/18 Date for the AGM is 22nd May. Try to attend or risk being elected captain of something in your absence! Club Championship will start before the AGM and we have 6 entries so far. Please sign up by 20th April by emailing me. It's open to all paid-up members including social members. Congratulations to Finlay for becoming Warwickshire U-14 champion to go with his Worcester U-14 title.

30/3/18 Reg Beasley table has been updated. Keith is unstoppable now unless he plays in and contrives to lose his last possible 3 games. A bit unlikely! Dave Etheridge is flying the flag for the lower divisions. Finlay stays just ahead of his dad, and of course I am miles ahead of Don (a whopping 2%).

22/3/18 Latest league situation: Worcester 1a winners, Worcester 1b in danger of finshing bottom and possibly relegated, but have two matches left. Worcester 2 have finished their matches, but could win the division if Stourbridge lose to Kidderminster on April 18th. BDCL No team will be relegated or win their division, but Div 4 still have a very slim chance of being promoted if results go the right way. Wolverhampton League Div 1 has been won! Div 2 could still get promoted if they win their last match and Kidderminster implode. Div 3 will be mid-table and Div 4 bottom. Dudley League Div 2 and 3 could still be won, but are reliant on other teams slipping up.

13/3/18 Dave Bissell visited but unfortunately left before a couple of people who had been playing an away match rushed back to see him. Shock news is that he beat me in two friendly games :-) . He drew a blitz game with Nick. The Worcester Division 2 side finished their season with a win, and could win their division. It all depends on the result of the last match of the season between Stourbridge and Kidderminster. BDCL div 5 lost again. To be certain of staying up they need to win one of their last three matches.

4/3/18 First trophy of the season! Worcester County 1 has been won for the 4th year in a row and 15th overall. It's the poshest one we compete for as well!

28/2/18 The latest Reg Beasley table is out. Keith is still in the lead and Malcolm is the only likely challenger, but he still hasn't played the requisite 11 games. Will he get back from gallivanting round the world in time to win a couple more games? The nation holds its breath. Our teams are leading Worcester and Wolverhampton Div 1 and Dudley Divisions 2 and 3.UPDATE 1/3/18 2 adjournments were agreed before 1st March, so Reg Beasley table has been updated.

19/2/18 A number of Halesowen players competed in the 2018 Midland Rapidplay and Blitz at the weekend. No winners but Keith was 2= in the Open and 2nd in the Blitz. Manvith got a grading prize in the U-1750 section and Don was 2nd in the U-1500. Well done all, and mine's a pint!

1/2/18 New Reg Beasley table is out. Keith remains clear at the top. All results up to date. We're still in the running for several trophies.

31/1/18 The BDCL Div 1 match last night was cancelled, so Dale organised an impromptu time handicap blitz tournament. Keith only had 1 minute + 2 seconds per move! It was won jointly by the Arkell brothers but there were a few surprise results, notably by Tony Taylor who beat Malcolm in one game. As Keith only drew one of his games against Malcolm does that mean Tony is the best blitz player in the club? :-) Anyway a great time was had by all.

26/1/18 The ECF grading site has lists of the top 100 players in various categories. We have 11 players in the lists altogether, including our strongest players, juniors and some old lags like me. They are summarised here . Obviously I only bothered with this tedious task because I'm in the list! Now updated for extra age groups. Keith is 3rd in the Over 55 list and we have an additional player. Don Curry is the 77th most active Over-65 Rapid player in the country. Glory at last! UPDATE 2 - Joyce is in the top 100 female players in every age group over 50, and is 3rd in one.

24/1/18 New grades are out. See Members section for details. Readers may or may not be pleased to know that I have temporarily halted my headlong decline into imbecility and death.

11/1/18 We have now completed just over half the matches for the season. Best chance for honours look like Worcs Div 1, Wolverhampton 1 and 2 and Dudley 2. One or two teams are in danger of relegation. Also, Paul Evans has broken my record for most miles travelled by mistake. I once went to Mercia instead of Mutual Circle, but Paul went to Lichfield when we were playing at home. He got back in time to play as well! Congratulations on the new record.

26/12/17 Matches are over for the year. The new Reg Beasley table is out. Keith is still in front, closely followed by Malcolm. But will Malcolm play enough games?

5/12/17 The ECF Club of the Year trophy was presented by Dave Thomas. There was a very good attendance considering the short notice. Click Stewart, juniors, trophy, and members for pictures of the evening.

1/12/17 Keith is the new leader in the Reg Beasley trophy. Next Tuesday, 5th December at about 7:30 there will be a short presentation ceremony of our ECF Club of the Year award. Try to come along even if you're not playing that night. If you can't make 7:30 come along later to see the award (whatever it is).

20/11/17 In the British Rapidplay Championships at the weekend, Silas got 6/10 in the Minor and won a share of the grading prize and a half England team norm, which apparently means if he gets another one he gets a chance of an England trial. Finlay has one too, which he got at the British championships. In this event, Finlay got 4/10 in the Major, and Dustin 4.5/10 in the Intermediate.

19/11/17 Another success for Manvith! He has just become Joint Warwickshire Under-10 Chess Champion for 2017-18.

Adrian's lead in the Quick Win competition was short-lived. On Tuesday Manvith mated his Olton opponent with his 11th move. Only just quick enough! Because on Thursday John Edge's opponent blundered a piece in the opening and resigned, rather than fight on. This was after John had played his 12th move. So Manvith takes the lead. You can enjoy the game in the GAMES section.

October is over, so time for a Reg Beasley update. Malcolm now heads the field. Many challengers are hot on his heels, though.

An early entrant to the 'Quick Win' competition. Adrian won in 16 moves with the Black pieces whilst playing as a reserve in bdcl div 1. Nice going! He expects it to be beaten, but who knows? Please report any quicker win, whilst playing for the club. (Keith - please note - it's number of moves, not clock time used....)

Several members took part in the bdcl rapidplay event on 15 October. Keith (5.5/7 in the Open, and second place alone), John Edge (4.5, Major), Dustin and Finlay (3.5, Major), Manvith and Don (4, Minor) and Tony Taylor and Silas (3.5, Minor) all scored 50% or better.

It's the end of September, and we are an eighth of the way through the season! Time for the first Reg Beasley update. It's early days, of course. The table is in its usual spot (look in the menu index).

We have won the ECF Club of the Year Award for 2016-17. Fantastic! Several other clubs, all with strong credentials, no doubt, entered. Our submission can be read here More details of any physical award, or its presentation, will follow as and when known.

More good results from members. Firstly Keith shared first in the Paignton congress for the umpteenth time. Then in the Leamington rapidplay good scores came from Malcolm (Open 4/6), Finlay (U-170, 4/6) and Manvith (U-110, 5/6).

Some good performances by club members in recent tournaments. Firstly, a slightly belated congratulations to Manvith on winning the Junior title at the recent Worcester County closed championships, with an excellent 2.5/5 score. Ravi also picked up the ungraded player prize. There are more details and a photograph Here..
Congratulations also to Finlay and Dustin for their 3.5/7 and 4/7 performances in the Moseley U-170 rapidplay, both scoring higher than their gradings with Dustin picking up the grading prize.
And in case you missed it, Keith is the Midlands Champion, having won the title at a strong Swiss earlier in August.

Congratulations to Nick who retained the club championship by beating Adrian in the final. He's yet to lose a game in this event. Maybe next year?

The new season is just a week away. The fixtures tab now shows all the 17/18 fixtures that we know. BDCL div 5 (we took a last minute option to go up from div 6 to get more boards per match) and the Worcester League will follow soon (Worcester meeting is 31/8).UPDATE: Worcester Fixtures now showing.

John Edge took on 9 members in his simul on 22 August, winning 6, drawing with Mike and Tony T and losing just once, to Pete Banks.

The buzzer tournament on 15 August attracted 10 entrants. Stewart won with 5/5, followed by Mike H and Tony S with 3.5. Don Curry won the grading prize with 2.5 ahead of Pete with 2.

The Club Championship final will be between Adrian and Nick A.

The Pairs evening resumed on 01 August after a break last year. In a remarkable achievement, Pete and Ade managed not only to avoid coming to blows, but to win with a perfect 3/3, playing only once as white. Ade thus won for the third consecutive time, each time with a different partner.

The new grades are out. Click on the Members tab to see the latest numbers. And thanks to Pete Banks for an analysis of all our members' entries in the 'top' lists. It's quite a lot. Click here

We have a new member. David Roberts has signed up. Please give him a warm welcome.

Eleven players took on Malcolm and Stewart in the tandem-simul on July 25. Congratulations to Richard and Ravi, who won their games.

The Tony Evers match at Stourbridge resulted in a draw! As usual, good fun, food and company were as much a part of the evening as the chess itself.

The Summer Knock-out has reached the last 4. Adrian will play John E and Nick A will take on Don. Good luck to all.

The 10-second tournament on 11 July saw 14 competitors brave the heat. A four-way tie for first place with 4/5 resulted. Congratulations to Adrian Priest, John Edge (who also controlled the event), Nick Arkell and John Southcote (who beat Nick in the last round). Paul Evans and Pete Banks shared the U-140 prize with 3/5. Manvith Sandhu won the U-100 prize with the same score.

We had a grand night on 4 July. Over 2/3rds of the club were present. Here are a few photos.

click for diners
click for late arrivals
click for trophies
click for group
click for bdcl 1 - team of the year
click for youth at play
click for young v not-so-young
click for Tony's in trouble

We have two new members. A warm welcome, please, to father and son Ravi and Manvith Sandhu!

As all members should know by now, the club celebration night will take place on 4 July at the club, initially downstairs in the bar/restaurant and then upstairs for a photo-shoot with all our trophies. Please be there for 7.30 to eat at 7.45 and then upstairs for 9.00 pm prompt. Well over half the membership will be in attendance. Excellent!

The club's safeguarding policy can be read by clicking on the new tab in the menu. Will all members please familiarise themselves with it.

Keith Arkell's simul on May 25 attracted 12 members. Congratulations to John Edge (the only winner) and Paul Evans who was last to finish and only lost after (and he isn't the first, and won't be the last) being ground down in a Rook and Pawn ending.

The AGM was its usual social affair on 16 May. Minutes are available here. Trophies were awarded to prize winners as follows: Clement Bowcott-Terry (Quickest win); Dustin Bowcott (Player of the Year); Nick Arkell (Summer Knock-out); Jon Asbury (Reg Beasley Trophy); and the BDCL div 1 team (Kevin Ryder Trophy).

The 21016-17 Reg Beasley 'stats' tables are available here.

Entries for the 2017 club championship (Summer Knock-out) are now due. Contact Pete Banks before it is too late. At the AGM would be a good time. UPDATE: Entries have now closed and the draw made. See the tab in the left menu.

The AGM will take place on 16 May. All members should have received an agenda and other papers by e-mail. Contact John Southcote if you haven't. And please attend!

It has been confirmed at last. We are BDCL Champions! The club's first league title since the 2001-2 season. Congratulations to all who played. Fantastic!

They did it! The Dudley div 2 team won their last match and will win the title either on match points or tie-break, whatever South Birmingham do in their last match. Congratulations to captain Paul E and all his troops.

The winner of the Reg Beasley race is ... drum roll.... Jon Asbury, with an incredible score of 10/11. This is Jon's second win in this competition. Congratulations to him. Commiserations to those who made scores that would have won in many other years including Nick A (87% !), Keith (86), defending champion Finlay (76), John Davis (73) and Windsor (70). The Trophy has been won with a score of just 63%, so any score of 70% or over is exceptional.

Another trophy! The Worcester County Division 1 team secured the League title with a win against Olton in their last match of the season. Congratulations to captain John E and all the team and reserves.

Our Dudley divison 2 team took a giant step towards winning the division by beating Kidderminster by 3.5 - 0.5 on Wednesday. One more win, in their last match will clinch the title.

Another trophy! In a dramatic end to Worcester County Division 2, our 2B team missed the chance to clinch the title on Tuesday by losing to Kidderminster. Which meant that the final adjournment on Wednesday would see any of three(!) teams win the division depending on Nick P's result. He won! So the 2B team triumph with the 2A team ending as runners-up. Phew!

March is over, so let's have a look at the latest Reg Beasley table. There are some incredibly high percentages! Jon A leads the way and has one more fixture arranged, that will get him to the minimum 11 required to be in with a chance of victory. Nick A keeps the pressure up with a succession of wins. Keith A isn't far behind either. It's beginning to look like one from these three.

Another trophy! The bdcl div 5 team went to Lichfield on Thursday with an identical record to their hosts - won 8, drawn 1, losses zero. So the division title was on the line. Our guys ran out winners by the narrowest margin, but a win is a win, as they say! Well done to captain Dustin and his team. There is a match report in the Forum section of the page (see below).

Dustin B has set up and is managing a Halesowen Chess Club group on It's a place for sharing absolutely anything about the club. Here's a link to the site Click Here. There is also a copy of this link in the LINKS section of the website. It's free to join. More details are available from the man himself. Great initiative, Dustin. Thank you!

The bdcl div 1 team finished its season with a draw at Walsall to reach 20/24 league points. They will be champions or runners up, depending on Sutton Coldfield's remaining 3 matches. It's going to be a nervy wait...

Another week, another promotion. The bdcl div 5 won their penultimate match of the season to secure promotion. Their last match is against Lichfield, the only team left in any division of the bdcl with a 100% record intact. As we have only dropped one point the division title will be at stake.

Champions! Promoted! The two matches on 9 March saw the first division team beat Stafford and win the WDCL championship (and with a 100% record - possibly the first since 1965/66) for the first time. At the same time the wdcl div 4a team whitewashed Mercia B to secure promotion to division 3 next season. Congratulations to captains Malcolm and Tony T, and all of their team members.

Historically the club has been too busy with league matches to play in the bdcl team 10-second tournament. And that looked like being the case again in 2017, until 4 o'clock in the afternoon of the day in question when inspiration took hold of Keith Arkell. A few phone calls and messages later a team of 3 of 'us' and a guest from South Birmingham had been assembled. And unexpectedly John Edge and Tony Taylor turned up too!. It was a successful night. Halesowen won Section A, a John Edge-lead Mutual team won section B and the Tony Taylor assisted Mutual B narrowly missed out on winning section C. Full details will, no doubt, appear on the bdcl website in due course.

There has been a flurry of activity in the Quick Win trophy. After seemingly no-one wanting to claim it, first Jon Asbury (19 moves) and then Pete Banks (18) lowered the bar. And that mark has been bettered again by Darwin B-T, who won in 16 moves (against someone graded 114, by the way!). Will that be beaten? It would be the slowest quick win on record, but there are 'only' 133 league games left to play, so it must stand a chance. Keep your fingers crossed, Darwin! The game will follow here in the near future, winner or not. UPDATE. One week later and 16 has been reduced to just 8 (!). See the GAMES section for more detail.

The Reg Beasley table has taken yet another twist. Jon Asbury has gone on a winning spree and stands at over 90% at the end of February (see the Reg Besaley tab). But he has only played 7 games. Will he keep it going? And will he get enough games - 11 is the minumum - before the season is out? He deserves a chance, so I hope captains will pick him enough times.

The last time the club had a stellar season was 2011-12 when we won 6 team trophies. Can 2016-17 match that? Or even beat it? The wdcl div 3 team has set the ball rolling by winning their division with a match to spare. Congratulations to non-playing captain Windsor and all his troops.

We have another new social member. A warm welcome to Martin Pockett, please!

More good performances from Halesowen members came at the Nottingham rapid-play at the end of January. Finlay won the minor outright, dropping just half a point from 6. Nick Arkell finished joint runner-up in the Open event with 4.5/6 behind the evergreen Mark Hebden.

Several Halesowen members played in the Shropshire Congress over the first weekend of January, and all performed creditably. In the Open Keith scored 4/5 (finshing second) and including a win against our own John E (2.5/5 against very strong opposition - he was out-graded in all but one game). Nick P scored 3.5/5 in the Major to out-perform his grade by a whopping 40 points. Windsor produced 3/5 in the Minor. A good score even though Windsor may be disappointed by the WWWLL pattern of results.

We don't often do match reports in detail on the website. So when we do, they are worth waiting for! Thanks to Paul Evans for this, confidently titled 'Match of the Season'. It will take a mighty effort to even compete with it. click here.

We have another new member. A warm welcome to Nick Panathanasopoulos, please!

I wrote this a month ago - "Another month passes - so another Reg Beasley update. The table at the end of October is in its usual place. Only two 100% records left now." One month on nothing has changed. It's already looking like Finlay v Keith. Old GM v rising star (sorry, Keith). Should be interesting.

The Warwickshire Junior Championships took place on Sunday 13 November. Our youngsters had a great day, with Finlay =2nd in the U12 (scoring 5/6), Silas, 2nd (5/6) in the U10 and Darwin =3rd (4.5/6), also U10. Silas was also joint winner of the U9 category (a sub-category of the U10 section). Well done to them all! Fuller details and scores are available on the Warwickshire Junior Website here.

Another month passes - so another Reg Beasley update. The table at the end of October is in its usual place. Only two 100% records left now.

Several Halesowen members took part in the BDCL rapid play tournament on October 16th. Two appeared in the prize list - Keith Arkell was joint second in the Open, whilst Finlay was joint winner of the Minor. Full results are on the bdcl website.

We have a new member. Or, more correctly, an old friend has rejoined. Welcome back, Ashwin Kalyana!

The first month of the Winter season is complete. So it's time for a Reg Beasley update! The table is in it's usual place. The vast majority of members have started their campaigns and eleven still retain a 100% record. Long may it continue...

A belated (because the webmaster forgot, sorry) congratulations to Finlay, for being awarded the John Raybould Trophy for the best young player in the Dudley League in 2015-16. Well done, Finlay!

Fixtures. All fixtures meetings have been held and all but a handful of matches have been arranged. After careful scrutiny of available matches the club has decided to add a second team in Worcetser County League division 2. Many thanks to Dave Etheridge who has volunteered to captain that team. We will run 15 teams in the coming season, an increase of 4 on last season. With luck everyone will get enough, but not too much, chess. All club members owe their thanks to secretary John Southcote for his efforts. Do it when you see him.

Congratulations to Nick Arkell, our new club champion after he beat Andy Field in the final. And we wish Andy good luck in his new home and club in Bedford. Keep in touch!

There will be a new name on the Club Championship Trophy this year following Nick Arkell's semi-final victory over John Edge. Nick will face the winner of the other semi-final between Andy Field and John Southcote. All 3 remaining players have not won the competition before. UPDATE - it will be Nick v Andy in the final.

Fourteen players took part in the buzzer tournament on 2 August. Nick Arkell was undefeated with 5/5. Graded sections prizes were shared by Finlay and Paul E (U-140, 3/5) and Tony Taylor and Daniel Arkell (U-100, 2/5)).

Follow the progress of Halesowem's two entrants in the British Championship Congress here.

The new grading list is out. For our members see the MEMBERS tab. For the full database, there's a link in the LINKS section.

The Tony Evers friendly against Stourbridge was held on July 19. Halesowen Captain, John Southcote, has penned a match report here . WARNING: Contains details of Halesowen annihilation.

The club championship has reached the semi-final stage. In the 'top' half of the draw, it's been going with gradings, and Nick Arkell will take on John Edge. In the bottom half, however, gradings have been disregarded with gay abandon and Andrew Field will face John Southcote. Good luck to all 4 of them.

The buzzer tournament on 12 July attracted 16 entrants. Nick Arkell won with 6/6, with grading prizes won by Don Curry and Pete Banks (U145 shared, 4/6), Andy Field (U115, 3.5/6) and Daniel Arkell (U75 and ungraded, 2/6).

Champions! We have won the bdcl Summer League Max560 Division. Congratulations to Captain Dustin and all who played for him (Dustin used 11 players altogether, so quite a club effort).

Next season's fixtures are being set. The WDCL and BDCL fixtures are now available in the 'Fixtures 2016/7' tab. Other leagues will follow soon. Please make a note of dates you are likely to be involved in (final team registrations will take place shortly after the next grading list is published).

Fifteen players, including no less than 5 juniors, took on Keith Arkell in a simul on 7/6. Adrian held the GM to a draw, but everyone else succumbed.

The club has a plethora of new members! A very warm welcome to Nick, Charlie-Ann, Daniel and Keith Arkell. And Silas, Clement and Darwin Bowcott-Terry are all entered in the club championship along with older brother Finlay and Dad, Dustin. Exciting times!

Minutes of the AGM held on 10 May are available here. We decided to increase our number of teams next year and to meet on Thursdays as well as Tuesday during the main Winter season. Prize winners were Stewart Fishburne (Quickest win); John Davis (Player of the Year); John Edge (Summer Knock-out); Finlay Bowcott-Terry (Reg Beasley Trophy); and the BDCL div 2 team (Kevin Ryder Trophy).

Congratulations, again, to Finlay in winning the Reg Beasley race. His score of 83% is the highest ever. The final table is now available, in the usual place. Spare a thought for Andy F, runner up for the second year running, with a score of over 70%. More statistics will be avilable (as usual) at the AGM and after than on here.

With one game left in the season, the Reg Beasley result is finally clear. Finlay cannot be caught and will win the trophy at his first attempt. Congratulations, Finlay! The final table will be published later in the month.

The Worcester County division 1 team completed their season with a whitewash of a weakened Kidderminster team. Click here to see a photo of most of the team-members with the trophy.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday May 10th at 7.30. Lots to celebrate and trophies to present, as usual. Put the date in your diary.

It's the end of another month, so time for a Reg Beasley update. The club surpassed itself during March scoring 45.5 game points from 71. That's 64%! Great scores from Finlay (again) and Andy F - both 3/3 and Paul E 5.5/6. Even the webmaster joined in with 3.5/4. The race for the trophy seems Finlay's to lose, as long as he gets one more game. Will he hold his nerve? The table is in the usual place.

County Champions! Following a draw against a strong Malvern team on 18 March the club has won the Worcester County League retaining the trophy won last year, with a game still to play. Congratulations to captain John Edge and everyone who has played for the team.

Another month, another new leader in the Reg Beasley race. Finlay storms into the lead with a 4/4 score in February. Will he get 4 more games before the season ends to qualify for the prize? Will he keep his form? Will his Dad (!) overtake him? Or will Tony S or John D catch both of them? Time will tell. The table is in its usual place.

The Reg Beasley table now shows the end of January position. And what a January it has been! As a club we collectively scored 51 points from 83 games completed. That's a whopping 61.4%! Special mention must go to Dustin 5/5, but Mark V, Tony S and Windsor all scored 2/2, Andy F and Finlay also won their only games. Great scores also by John D 5/7 and Malcolm 2.5/3. And showing a very welcolm return to something like their true form are Pete 3/5 and Maureen 2.5/4. Not surprisingly Dustin now leads the Reg Beasley table but there are still a number of potential winners. The table can be found in the tab on the left.

It's that time of year again - the new grades are out. The 'members' page, shows all our grades. Some up, some down, as usual! There is also a link to the full database in the LINKS section and here.

The English Chess Federation runs a club teams congress, which this year will be held on Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th April just outside Birmingham. There are 4 sections, each with different average grade maxima (Open, 175, 150, 125). More details can be found by clicking here. The committe have decided that the club has enough funds to pay the entry fee for any Halesowen team(s) that wishes to enter. Please note that a strict bona-fide club member rule will apply. Pete Banks has offered to captain a team, and is very keen to hear from any club members who would like to play. Free chess playing with club-mates - could it get any better?

The Reg Beasley table now shows the position at the end of the year. Tony Stokes has regained the lead albeit with a lower pecentage. A 'meagre' 75%. John Davis moves up to second and Mike Hadley to third. We are almost exactly half way through the season's fixtures (congrats to the secretary for that), so plenty of chess still to come.

In the wdcl div 3 match against Stourbridge, the visitors fielded young Daniel Arkell on bottom board. He brought his father (Nick) and Uncle (GM Keith) for the evening. There resulted a lively blitz session, caught on camera by Stourbridge's Jeremy Humphries. Click here and here for pictures of the evening.

The Reg Beasley table now shows the position as at 2 December. Tony Stokes has increased his pecentage since October to an impressive 90%. But you can't argue with perfection, and Finlay's 1/1 tops the table at present. After Tony in second is Finlay's dad in third. So our new members are really doing us proud. It's a season long competition of course, and a minimum of 11 games to qualify, so it's still 'early days'.

Our bdcl division 2 team pulled off a stunning win against Olton on 1st December. Out-graded on pretty much every board they nevertheless won 4.5 - 1.5 Great wins for John Davis and the 'new guys', Tony Stokes and Dustin Bowcott complimented 3 draws from Andy, Adrian and Bob. Not to be outdone by his father, Finlay Bowcott-Terry made his debut for the club on the same day with the same result! A win that secured a drawn match against Mercia in wdcl division 4. Well done everyone!

We have two new members. A warm welcome to Dustin Bowcott and his son Finlay Bowcott-Terry, please!

We have a new leader in the Reg Beasley race (see tab for full table) - Tony Stokes. It's a long way to season-end, of course. And it's good to see over 50% of the club at 50% or higher.

There were solid performances from Halesowen members in the BDCL rapidplay on 11 October. Jon Asbury performed best with 4/6 in the Intermediate, just ahead of Pete Banks (3.5), whilst Tony Taylor scored 3/6 in the Minor.

The new season is a month old, and we have already played 13 league matches. So it's time for the first Reg Beasley table for the year. And this year it has its own 'tab' in the menu. Well done Paul E - the only 100% record so far.

We have a new member. A warm welcome to Tony Stokes, please! We are also very pleased to welcome Steve Larden back to the club, after a short absence.

The Quickest Win Trophy for 2014-15 was won (by Richard Woolley) with a 15-mover. Halesowen's very first win of the 2015-16 season was a 14-mover (by Stewart Fishburne). Could it survive as the quickest for the whole season (the game can be seen in the Games sction)?

The final set of League fixtures for 2015-16 have now been arranged. Worcester County Leagues 1 and 2 can be found, along with all other fixtures, in the Fixtures and Results tab.

The Pairs tournament on 4 August resulted in a win for Adrian and Dale, with a perfect 6/6 score. Runners-up were Don and Tony with 4/6. Other participants have requested anonymity...

The Dudley fixtures are now available - see the Fixtures and Results tab.

John Edge has won the club championship for the 9th time, to equal Dave Bissell's long held record. Double figures next year, maybe?

Follow the progress of Halesowem's three entrants in the British Championship here. For the record John finished with a very respectable 4/11, despite being fed a diet of youngsters.

It's that time of year again - the new grades are out. The 'members' page, shows all our grades. Some up, some down, as usual!

Sabrina's simultaneous (see below) saw her take on 15 club members winning most but conceding 3 draws (Dale, Maureen, Stewart) and losing one - her first ever loss in a simul. So well done Adrian Priest! Click here and here for pictures of the evening. And see the Games section for Adrian's win.

The Knock-out final will be between Bob Grimes and John Edge.

The simultaneous display by England International Sabrina Chevannes on July 21 is almost full, although one or two more could probably be accommodated. It should be a fun evening with Halesowen pitted against one of Englands top female internationals. Please be there for a 7.30 start if you are down to play.

The bdcl and wdcl fixtures have been set. The 'Fixtures and Results' tab now shows 2015-16 fixtures. Get the relevant dates in your diaries! 2014-15 results will be moved to the archive section soon.

The annual 'Tony Evers' match against Stourbridge took place on July 8th. Stourbridge ran out narrow winners (7 - 5). As usual socialising was at least half the event (well, we would say that, wouldn't we?).

The buzzer tournament on July 7 attracted just over a third of the club. John Edge (who also controlled the event) and Adrian Priest shared first place with 4/5. John Southcote took the grading prize with 50%.

The Summer Knock-out is down to the last three. John Edge will play the winner of Windsor v Bob.

The Summer Events schedule has been set. See the tab in the menu and support as many of the events as you can. The more the merrier!

Congratulations to Malcolm Hunt - the new President of the BDCL. An honour and a responsibility the webmaster, for one, thinks is well deserved and will be well executed, in turn.

The Summer Knock-out (aka the Club Championship) draw was made on 26 May and many of the first round games have already been played. See the tab in the menu for the draw and the fisrt round winners and losers.

Many congratulations to John Edge who has received the BDCL's nomination to play in the British Championship to be held in Coventry during July and August. A well deserved reward for all those division 1 Individual triumphs. Fantastic news!

The AGM was held on 12 May with an excellent turn-out of members. Draft minutes will be available shortly. Prize winners were Richard Woolley (Quickest win); Tony Taylor (Player of the Year); John Edge (Summer Knock-out); Logan Gregory (Reg Beasley Trophy); and the Worcester County div 1 team (Kevin Ryder Trophy).

The Winter season is finally over. Congratulations to Logan Gregory on winning the Reg Beasley Trophy with an outstanding 78% score, the highest ever percentage. Honourable mentions also to Andrew Field, Richard Woolley and John Davis who produced scores that would have won in most years. The full table is in the TABLES section; and more stats will be available at the AGM as usual.

John Edge has done it again! He has won the BDCL division 1 individual championship for (I think) the 7th time and is now only one win behind BH Wood's all time record of 8 wins. Well done, John! (Game now in the game section).