Match of the Season!


The Setting: Halesowen v Warley Quinbourne A BDCL Division 2.


Warley Quinborne A, arguably the strongest team in the division. Their first team. Our second team.

After being relegated last season they are out to prove a point and get promotion at the first attempt.

Their ambitions of winning the league took a set-back when they lost to league leaders West Bromwich (who are currently top with a 100 percent record), but promotion and finishing second is still well within their grasp.


The Halesowen team:


Adrian Priest. The rock on top board, very few will come away with a full point. Just don't let him watch your games. Even if your winning he will still give you a look of disgust like you have just hung your queen.


Bob Grimes. The studious one. Picks an opponent he expects to play and studies all his games before playing. Even Bobby Fischer would be impressed with the amount of hard work he puts in the a game.


Tony Stokes. The team player, he puts himself in the firing line when board 1 is missing this is the guy who steps up to take on the best players in the league. He will battle to the very end!


Andy Ambrose. The adventurous one, with his Tal like tactics he recently won a game by sacrificing his queen. Need I say anymore!


Don Curry. The dark horse. When all the games are done and there is only Don's game to go you can be sure of victory! Need proof?  Just look at Birmingham div 2 Halesowen vs



Captain Paul Evans. The Lucky one. Gives the opponent a winning game and when they slip up punishes them. Lucky? Or skilful? You decide.


The night of the game:

We were quietly confident going into the match the captain was quoted saying "we will need a miracle to get a point out of this - we are out-graded by at least 20 points on every board". Even before the game began things weren't looking good - the player that Bob had studied had changed boards.


The game:

The first game to finish was Adrian a solid draw on top board.                                    0.5 - 0.5


Then board 6 Paul had got lucky again. We are ahead!                                                1.5 - 0.5


Next was a hard fought battle on 3 Tony had lost the game. Level again                    1.5 - 1.5


Bob finished soon after. He had also lost.                                                                       1.5- 2.5


but Andy was 2 pawns up surely this must be a win. Sure enough it was                      2.5- 2.5


With Don remaining, and sure to form the big guy won only a few minutes later.       3.5 - 2.5


On a night when the entire team performed way above expectations there was one performance that eclipsed them all. Andy's win against 171 just the mere 31 grading points difference. Well done Andy!

To play through that game click Here Ian Emery v Andy Ambrose


Not bad for a team that was out graded on all boards. The victory is even sweeter when you consider that the Halesowen A team won by the same margin against the same team in the WDCL and they needed a GM to do it! lol.