This page contains random observations about chess in general and/or Halesowen Chess Club in particular. Entries will be vetted by the webmaster. To submit anything for inclusion, click here.

The first entries to get us started were are a couple of observations from Pete Banks.

Andy A21/04/16Dale, Adrian and I have been friends for so long we went on holiday together (to Turkey for some sun) this April. Naturally we created our own 4-day octuple-header chess tournament! It involved 15-minute and 10 minute games, with a bonus point for quick wins. There was only one of those in the 48 games played. The lead changed hands frequently but the end result was
Andy W8 D3 L5 points 19
Dale W5 D5 L6 points 15
Adrian W5 D4 L7 points 15 (inc the only bonus point)
Webmaster: Just goes to prove you can play chess anywhere. And I wonder whether any games were played 'alcohol-free'?
Adrian11/02/16I was clearing out some old papers and came across this picture from, would you believe, the 1990 AGM. I'm receiving the Player of the Year award (I was unbeaten!) from then chairman, Dave Bissell.
Pete Banks5/10/15This 'Pixar' short film about a game of chess amused me. It can be found on YouTube Here
Pete Banks13/09/13The wdcl website has gone through a major change over the Summer. One interesting feature is the "Top Players" stats page. It can be found Here Halesowen players produced some good performances in 2012/13. Have a look now, before they get over-written with the new season's data.
Stewart F11/09/13In last night's bdcl divison 1 match against Walsall there were no less than 5 former British champions in action. Our own Ashwin Kalyana is a former U-10 Champion, whilst Walsall fielded former U-8 and U-11 champions in Chris Bellin and Darren Wheeler, and former Seniors champion David Anderton and multiple Ladies champion Jana Bellin.
Stewart F1/09/13I've produced a 'Reg Beasley - the first 5 years' spreadsheet (to quote Pete 'what an exciting life I lead!'). Guess who has played the most games for the club between Don and Maureen? Answer: They can't be split, 209 each! Paul Evans is a distant 3rd with 190.
Pete Banks16/07/13I looked at the results of the Reg Beasley since its inception. There are only two players who have scored 50% or more in every season since 2008-9

Me (Pete) 50-53-55-61-50
You (Stewart) 65-57-64-71-52

I'll beat you next time!

Pete Banks21/06/13While browsing the BDCL website (what an exciting life I lead!), I noticed that Halesowen are the only club to have at least shared the individual trophy in every single division from 1 to 10.