Bill Cross Chess Library for Halesowen Chess Club

Bill Cross who died in 2001 played for Dudley in the 1980's and 1990's. His son, Robert, who lived in Halesowen before emigrating to Australia, donated his father's chess library to halesowen Chess Club, so that other local chess enthuisiasts could enjoy them. And what a collection! A few further books were added to the library in 2011, donated by the family of our former treasurer, Derk Digger.
To borrow a book send an e-mail to Stewart.

A photo of Bill from 1992 follows, together with a complete list of all the books.

AuthorTitleDateTypeOn-loan to?
AbrahamsTeach yourself Chess 1948Instruction
AbrahamsThe Chess Mind1951Instruction
AbrahamsThe Chess Mind1951Instruction
AbrahamsThe Pan book of Chess1965Instruction
AbrahamsBrilliance in Chess1977Collection
AlekhineMy Best Games of Chess 1908-19231927CollectionAndrew Field
AlekhineNottingham 19361937Tournament
AlekhineMy Best Games of Chess 1924-19371939Collection
AlexanderAlekhine's Best Games of Chess 1938-19451949Collection
AlexanderFischer v Spassky - Reykjavik 19721972Match
AlexanderPenguin book of Chess Positions1973Puzzles
BardenHow to play the Endgame in chess1975EndingsPaul Evans
Barden & HardingThe Batsford's Guide to Chess Openings1976Openings
Barden, Harston & KeeneThe King's Indian Defence1969OpeningsBob Grimes
BarnesThe Pick of the best Chess Problems1976Problems
Botterill & KeeneThe Pirc Defence1973Openings
BotvinnikOne Hundred Selected Games1949Collection
BotvinnikBotvinnik's Best Games 1947-19701972Collection
BouwmeesterWinning Chess Combinations1977Instruction
Bronstein200 Open Games1970Collection
CaffertySpassky's 100 Best Games1972Collection
CapablancaChess Fundamentals1921Instruction
CapablancaCapablanca's last chess Lectures1967Instruction
ChernevThe most instructive games of Chess ever played1966CollectionAdrian Priest
ClarkeMikhail Tal's Best Games of Chess1961Collection
Du MontThe basis of Combination in Chess1938Instruction
Dunnington Winning Unorthodox Openings 2000 Openings
EuweFrom my games 1920-19371939Collection
EuweMeet the Masters1940Collection
EuweThe Development of Chess Style1966Instruction
Euwe & HooperA Guide to chess Endings1959EndingsBob Grimes
Euwe & KramerThe Middle Game1957Instruction
Euwe & MeidenThe Road to Chess Mastery1968Instruction
Evans New Ideas in Chess 1972 Instruction
FineBasic Chess Endings1941EndingsMalcolm Hunt
FineThe ideas behind the Chess Openings1948Instruction
FineThe Psychology of the Chess Player1956Instruction
FischerMy 60 Memorable Games1969Collection
GligoricFischer v Spassky - Match of the century1972Match
Gligoric & SokolovThe Sicilian Defence - Book One1970Openings
GolombekFischer v Spassky1972Match
GolombekCapablanca's 100 Best Games of Chess1947Collection
GolombekThe Game of Chess1954General
GolombekThe Encyclopedia of Chess1977General
Griffith & GolombekA Pocket Guide to the Chess Openings1958Openings
HardingCounter Gambits - Black to play and win1974OpeningsPaul Evans
HartstonThe Benoni1969Openings
HayKing's Gambit1973Openings
HooperPractical Chess Endgames1968Endings
Hooper & BrandrethThe Unknown Capablanca1975Collection
Hooper & WhyldThe Oxford Companion to Chess1984General
HorowitzNew Traps in the Chess Opening1964Openings
HorowitzChess Openings - Theory and Practice1965OpeningsPaul Evans
Keene and BotterillThe Modern Defence1972Openings
KeeneAron Nimzowitsch: A Reappraisal1974Biography
Keres & KotovThe Art of the middlegame1964Instruction
Keene Karpov v Korchnoi 1978 1978 Match
King & Ponzetto Mastering the Spanish 1993 Openings
KmochRubinstein's Chess Masterpieces1941Collection
Kopec Mastering the Sicilian 2001 Openings
KornModern Chess Openings 111972Openings
KornModern Chess Openings 111976Openings
KotovThink Like a Grandmaster1971Instruction
KotovAlexander Alekhine1973Collection
KotovPlay like a Grandmaster1978Instruction
Lasker (Ed)Chess Secrets I learned from the Masters1951InstructionBob Grimes
Lasker (Ed)Modern Chess Strategy1961Instruction
Lasker (Ed)Chess1972General
Lasker (Em)Common Sense in Chess1917Collection
Lasker (Em)Lasker's manual of Chess1947Instruction
Levenfish & SmyslovRook Endings1971EndingsBob Grimes
LevyThe Sicilian Dragon1972Openings
LevyHow Fischer Plays Chess1975Instruction
LevyPlay Chess Combinations and Sacrifices1980InstructionJoyce Evans
Levy & KeeneHow to play the Opening in chess1974Openings
Levy & KeeneHow to play the Opening in chess1974Openings
Levy & O'ConnellHow to play the Sicilian Defence1978Openings
Marovic & ParmaAn Opening Repertoire for Black1978Openings
Marovic & SusicKing Pawn Openings1975Openings
MasonThe Principles of Chess1896Instruction
Negyesy-HegyiCombination in chess1970Instruction
NimzovichChess Praxis1936Collection
NimzowitschMy System1929Instruction
O’Connell Batsford Chess Yearbook 1974 1975 History
O’Connell Batsford Chess Yearbook 1975/6 1976 History
O'Kelly de GalwayThe Sicilian Flank Game1969Openings
PachmanQueen's Gambit1964Openings
PachmanModern Chess Tactics1970Instruction
PachmanAttack and Defence in Modern Chess Tactics1973Instruction
Panczyk & Emms Archangel and New Archangel 2000 Openings
ReshevskyThe Fischer - Spassky Games1972Match
SchonbergGrandmasters of Chess1974HistoryChris Haddon
SchonbergGrandmasters of Chess1974History
SokolskyThe Modern Openings in Theory and Practice1972Instruction
SoltisChess Mistakes - How to Detect and Avoid Them1975InstructionJoyce Evans
TartakowerMy Best games of Chess 1905 - 19541985Collection
ThimannKing's Gambit1974Openings
VariousKasparov v Karpov 19861986Match
VukovicThe Art of Attack in Chess1965Instruction
VukovicThe Art of Attack in Chess1965Instruction
VukovicThe Chess Sacrifice1968Instruction
Wade & O'ConnellThe Games of Robert J Fischer1972Collection
Wenman175 Chess Brilliancies1947Collection
Wichmann & WichmannChess Pieces from Antiquity to Modern Times1960General
YanofskyChess the Hard way!1953Collection
Znosko-BorovskyHow not to play chess1949Instruction