Learn chess with Pete

Beginners Level

Lesson 7 Ė Positional Chess Examples

Example 1 - Isolated and Doubled Pawns

This board shows three types of pawn position.With the doubled pawns, the enemy king can just take them one at a time.The isolated pawn can just be taken.The two pawns supporting each other cannot be stopped by the king alone.The king cannot take the leading pawn because that would put him in check.If he goes after the rear pawn, the other one can race forward and get promoted.These pawn formations are important at earlier stages of the game too, as it is much easier to gang pieces up on pawns which do not protect each other.

Example 2 - Knights

This shows the lack of mobility of the Black Knights compared to the White.

Examples 3 and 4 - Rooks

The first diagram shows that a rook (or rooks) on open files are very strong, and have a good chance of penetrating an opponentís position.The half-open file (second rook) has a target deep in the enemy position.

The second diagram shows doubled rooks on the seventh rank.They can happily chomp most of the pawns.Of course, a real position would be more complicated, and black would have some defensive pieces, but you get the idea.I think Iíve won every game Iíve ever played where I got doubled rooks on the seventh.