Games are published here for a variety of reasons, some are short, some amusing, some memorable historically and some even instructive. There is also the "Pete Banks Annotated Collection", where Pete shares the thoughts of an average club player as the game develops. Both instructional and amusing.

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The Pete Banks Annotated Collection

Other Games

Quick Win Leader
Eleven moves is a short game by any estimation. Mate in 11 is definitely quick! Here's a strong candidate for winner of the Quick win trophy. And produced by one of our juniors, too.
Richard Evans v Manvith Sandhu

Quick and Quicker
There hadn't been any particularly quick win during the 2016-17 season by the end of February (19 and 18 moves were the quickest), so perhaps it was no surprise that two came along in the first week of March. And both with the Black pieces by a pair of the Bowcott-Terry brothers. First Darwin reduced the taget to 16 moves. And then Clement halved (!) that to 8 moves. Here are both the games. (the white players' names have been withheld, for the usual reason)
ANO v Darwin Bowcott-Terry
ANO v Clement Bowcott-Terry

A Tale of Two Pauls
John Edge has had a mixed start to the 2016/7 season. Here is a loss to a 139-graded player and a win against a 197. Both called Paul, obviously! Both also demonstrate a so-called stronger player cracking under pressure form a lower-graded opponent
Paul Sharratt v John Edge
John Edge v Paul Cumbers

From the 2016 'Match of the Season'.
Ian Emery v Andy Ambrose

Andy Ambrose shows how to sacrifice a piece for an attack, recover the material (and more) and convert the ending. Richard might be Andy's favourite opponent as this is his second appearance here....
Andy Ambrose v Richard Leaping

Mike Hadley hasn't submitted a game for the website before because, he told me, 'he hadn't played anything worth publishing'. So I took special note when he told me he had a game for me. I wasn't disappointed....
Mark Riley v Mike Hadley

A pleasant game from Malcolm Hunt. One that shows he was paying attention all those years ago when first advised how to meet a wing attack. And an important win towards another season of survival in bdcl div 1.
Malcolm Hunt v Sean Ralph

Played on the very first day of the season. And a candidate for the Quickest Win trophy.
Jim Friar v Stewart Fishburne

Sabrina Chevannes gave a simultaneous display on 21 July 2015. She had never lost a game in a simul before. Well, she has now! Step forward, Adrian Priest.
Sabrina Chevannes v Adrian Priest

Three club members reached bdcl individual competition finals in 2014/5. Andrew Field and Tony Taylor contested the Division 6 title and John Edge was up against South Birmingham's Richard Mycroft in the Division 1 final. Here are the games
John Edge v Richard Mycroft
Andrew Field v Tony Taylor

Called up for the first team? Not even on bottom board? Massively out-graded? Black pieces? No problem!
Don Curry takes on Shirley's captain, and comes away with the whole point.
Jonathon Dale v Don Curry

Pins!...just as useful in chess as they are in dressmaking.
The game shows how White's lead in development in the opening gains swift control of the centre and the power of the pin. Black spent so much time trying to combat the threats that he lost on time.
Andy Ambrose v John Fahy

A nice demonstration of how sometimes in the classical Pirc it is possible for White to have too many pieces (or not enough squares).
Richard Leaping v Andy Ambrose

How often do you beat someone graded 50 points above you? Not that often (the webmaster has never done it, for example). Here's Joyce Evans pulling it off in a wdcl division 2 match, playing as a reserve.
Joyce Evans v Danny Torbica

Double Rook sacrifice (but not on the back rank).
There is quite a collection of games in chess history where one rook is sacrificed on its original square to a queen with check, and after the King moves out of check the other rook goes too, just to gain time and to deflect the opponent's queen. Paul Taylor found a completely different way to throw both rooks in, in this psoition from a recent worcester county divison 1 match.
Paul Taylor v Mark Riley

How to keep calm playing 5 divisions above your registration.
Maureen Clark and Paul Evans both answered emergency call-outs for the bdcl div 1 team against Sutton Coldfield They travelled together. Maureen picks up the story...
...on the way to the match Paul and I agreed our first objective was to give our opponents a good game; our second objective was Paul wanted to reach 30 moves and mine was not quite so ambitious only hoping to reach 15 moves!
Here's what happened
Maureen Clark v Marek Soszynski

My Secret Weapon against the Kings Gambit - the Holy Wohly - by Malcolm Hunt. I recommend this line to anyone who answers e4 with ......e5 (and why not, when it wins like this! - Ed).
Kevin Hern v Malcolm Hunt

The first, and maybe the winning, entry to this season's Quick Win prize. Just 10 moves. Will anyone beat this effort from Maureen?
Maureen Clark v John Lloyd

Tony Taylor doesn't mind setting the odd trap. Don't we all! Here's one that worked in a recent county match, leading to a quick knock-out.
Tony Taylor v Bill Dixon

To get to (and ultimately win - see next games) the final of the 2013 Summer Knock-out, Adrian Priest had to overcome serial-winner John Edge in the semi-final, This is how he did it!
Adrian Priest v John Edge

The final of the 2013 Summer tournament was between long-time friends (and friendly rivals) Dale Jackson and Adrian Priest and required 2 games to find a winner. Here are both games, annotated in some depth by Dale.
Dale Jackson v Adrian Priest
Adrian Priest v Dale Jackson

Stewart Fishburne won the Woodcock prize, awarded by the Worcestershire County Association for the most enterprising game, with this effort against Alan Agnew of Warley Quinbourne.
Stewart Fishburne v Alan Agnew

Here is the game that won John Edge the BDCL division 1 individual title for the 6th (!) time. What a record!
John Edge v Andy Southall

Richard has done it again! Another pretty finish. Black takes too many pieces to the Queen-side. White blasts throught the middle. Very thematic.
Richard Woolley v Andrew Davies

Windsor Peck v Matthew Trigg. Windsor observes "This game might be of interest on two counts. First for the end game & second an illustration of Fritz(8)'s limited horizon. I didn't submit the adjourned position (Whites move 35 to play) to any deep anallysis by Fritz but at the BDCL rate of play Fritz proposed Bb3. I think that this loses after 35.....Ke7, 36 Bb3 Qa1+ 37 Qd1 Qxd1 the game is lost due to the adverse position of White's King. I tried to avoid this and gain sone time to organise myself, I played 36 c5. Fritz played 36 Bd5, allowing time for 36 a4. Then after 36... Qa1+ 37 Bd1 Ke8 white can force a draw with 38 Qd3 (probably best) or Qc2. This position is far more difficult to draw than the actual game was." A lesson to all of us that in endgames the silicon monsters aren't always infallible.
Windsor Peck v Matthew Trigg

Adrian won this game in a bdcl div 3 match against Mutual. Lovely finish - it's always pleasing to put pieces (this time a rook) in an attacking position on an apparently en-prise square. But it can't be taken!
Adrian Priest v Mike Walker

Another 'first' game here, this time from Richard Woolley. And what a debut! A very clean and pretty finish. Only the minimum forces for a complex combination remain on the board. All are in use and all are en-prise when his opponent resigns. Excellent.
Richard Woolley v Kim Gilbert

In this game Chris beats an opponent graded 74 points higher than himself! How many of us have done that? (I've never even played anyone 74 grading points higher - webmaster). I was impressed by the way he switches the direction of attack towards the end, so he's got massive threats on both sides of the board at once. Notes by the webmaster, who knows a lot more about chess than I do, and he thought it was good too. - Pete Banks.
Chris Haddon v Karol Grzywaczewski 25/09/2012

The Quickest win prize for 2011-12 was won by Don Curry. Here is the game.
Mike Page v Don Curry

Andy Ambrose loves the French Tarrasch. And why not! Here he is winning a game to secure a crucial league point in the 2011/12 promotion drive (if you enjoy this one, there's another one from 2005, against Stephane Peddar, further down this page).
Andy Ambrose v R Parker

Windsor played this game in the 4ncl, against a much higher graded opponent. The game shows the power of pawns in the ending. Black is nominally material up, but is powerless against the strong pawns.
Windsor Peck v Majid Jeffries

Malcolm's 'Simple chess' (see below) got the webmaster thinking whether he'd ever played a game like that. Here's what he came up with.
Stewart Fishburne v Sznapik

Malcolm Hunt likes simple chess. Where he wins (of course!) without effort. Here's an example
Malcolm Hunt v D Flynn

Don Curry is having a decent season. Or, if you listen to Paul Evans, a lucky season! Here's Don's win against former Halesowen member Stuart Black. Never in doubt???
Stuart Black v Don Curry

Mark Bethel played in a recent County match against Greater Manchester. How helpful it was to be told that the match score was 7.5 each, with just his game to finish, we will never know. Our man got the job done, though!
Mark Bethel v K Ahmadi

Malcolm Hunt has played most of the season on board 1 with a steady diet of 200+ players to face. Here's how he disarmed one of them a week after losing to the same opponent
Paul Wallace v Malcolm Hunt

John Edge won the bdcl individual tournament in 2010-11, for the fifth time! In the final he beat old rival Andy Southall with Black. Here is the game with his own annotations
John Edge v Andy Southall

How many games times has Dave Scriven blundered against Halesowen members? Quite a few. Here's the latest.
Dave Scriven v Don Curry

The final of the 2009 Summer knock-out was an interesting game, with all three results possible right up to the end. With notes by John Edge.
John Edge v Maureen Clark

The Quickest win prize for 2009-10 was shared between Pete Banks and Bob Grimes. Here are the 2 games
Bob Grimes v P Broomhall
Pete Banks v John Masefield

How much preparation do you need for a game of chess? Not much if this game is anything to go by. Called into an important first team match with less than 30 minutes notice, Don Curry earns an important point against a higher rated opponent.
Don Curry v Derek Laight

Tony Taylor billed his first round Rock Cup game as David v Goliath. Well he was out-graded by 50 points! That doesn't mean he was going to lie down without a fight, though.
Tony Taylor v Mike Groombridge

Dave Scriven and Don Curry have had a number of interesting battles, including two games in the semi-final of the BDCL individual in 2003-4, shown with notes further down this page. In one of those games Dave offered Don a drink just as he was about to blunder. Does history repeat itself?
Don Curry v Dave Scriven

Stewart Fishburne won the BH Wood prize and Cup awarded by the bdcl for the best played game in 2008-9, playing for Warwickshire against Shropshire in a county match. The loser plays for Halesowen in the 4ncl. Sorry, Glyn!
Stewart Fishburne v Glyn Pugh

Dave Bissell has pretty much retired from chess. But he came along for his first game in a few years recently. Here is the game with notes by the man himself.
Jeff Fox v Dave Bissell

Don Curry submitted this game as a lesson in the merits of development and not moving your queen to often early in the game. Excellent!
Don Curry v John Pakenham

"The best move ever played against me" - Martin Smyth
Martin Smyth v Stewart Fishburne

Andy Ambrose won this game to become bdcl Division 2 Individual Champion for 2006-7
Andy Ambrose v A Burnett

Windsor Peck played this beauty in a Dudley League match on December 19th. An early Christmas 'cracker'!
Windsor Peck v Dave Brelsforth

Andy Ambrose is having a good 2006-7 season. Here is his win against a higher rated opponent from the bdcl match at Solihull.
Andy Ambrose v Tony Sadler

Stewart Fishburne won the BH Wood prize and Cup awarded by the bdcl for the best played game in 2005-6, playing for Warwickshire Select in the 4ncl. This is the game!
Stewart Fishburne v David Spence

It's not often that we get the chance to beat someone who outgrades us by 66 points. Don Curry did just that in this game from the Birmingham League. Well done Don!
Don Curry v Richard Millward

Don Curry submits another sparkling piece sacrifice (or two) for our entertainment. One of these days he'll do it intentionally. Now that would be interesting... Still, if you don't lose, don't knock it!
H Scott v Don Curry

Pete Banks submitted this game by Don Curry with the following note "Here's a victory from Don which shows that he has been studying and learning from my games! Look out for his 27th move. Is it a blunder or an incredibly deep positional sacrifice? He went on to win, so judge for yourselves. Of course, if I won a game like this I'd be called lucky......."
S Wilson v Don Curry

Andy Ambrose was working in Swindon when this game was played. So an away match at Stafford was quite a journey. All completely worth it for a lovely attack and a point which drew the match.
Andy Ambrose v Stephane Peddar

Tony Taylor won in 9 moves in this game from the wdcl in October 2005. Short but sweet!
Tony Taylor v T Burgess

Don Curry and Pte Banks are the best of rivals. When they met in the semi-final of the 2005 Summer knock-out it was Don's 'turn' to be the victor. Annotating the game can have only added to his enjoyment.
Don Curry v Pete Banks

Windsor Peck played as a reserve at short notice in the first bdcl division 1 game of the season, a tricky match away to last season's runners up, Bushbury. His superb win, with the black pieces, supported by draws on all the other boards enabled the team to win the match (and be in the pub by 10 pm).
P Pinfold v Windsor Peck

Andy Ambrose was part of the contingent at the Monmouth Congress in July 2004. Both his games with white turned out to be Ruy Lopez exchange variations against higher graded opponents. Both are interesting!
Andy Ambrose v I Ponter
Andy Ambrose v A May

Rob Thomas played this game a few years ago whilst holidaying in Italy (Editors note: Incidentally Rob admitted that he rediscovered the scoresheet only whilst undertaking some housework which, as the game is 2 years old, produces a frightening image! - sorry, Rob, I couldn't resist this thought). Anyway it's a cracking game and completely disproves Adrian's theory that Rob never gets his 'prawns' beyond the third rank!
Rob Thomas v A Zentgraf

Michael Adams has reached the final of the World Championships in Libya. A far cry from Halifax 1991 when he came up against our very own John Edge.
John Edge v Michael Adams

John Edge and Don Curry both reached the final of the bdcl individual tournament in 2003-4 in their respective divisions (1 and 4). Here are the games with their own annotations
John Edge v Mike Wildboar
Don Curry v Lee Collier

Graham Wyle played the following entertaining game in Division 2 of the Worcester County League. It could be subtitled "How to be a Queen and a piece down in 8 moves and still be okay" !!
Ian Truscott v Graham Wyle

Here are the two games between Don Curry and Dave Scriven (of Stourbridge) from the semi-final of the bdcl division 4 individual tournament of 2003-4. Notes are from Dave Scriven.
Dave Scriven v Don Curry (game 1)
Don Curry v Dave Scriven (game 2)

Stuart Black was so impressed that his pal Vic Ward could get a game published (see below) that he set about getting one himself. It didn't take long!! Here's a nice quick win from an internet game.
Ted Siwek v Stuart Black

P Broomhall (Wol) v V Ward (Hal) 03/02/2004 Dudley Lge Div 2
Here's a fascinating game where Vic made an incredibly deep Queen sacrifice to win the game. Or, he lost his queen, and said that he thought he should resign. He looked at me (on the next board), and I gave him a dirty look. His opponent said "I wouldn't resign that position". Vic said "I'll play on for a few moves. Then he won!
P Broomhall v Vic Ward

John Edge won the 2002-3 Shortest Game trophy playing with the black pieces in this brevity against Ian Clark in Worcester County division 1.
Ian Clark v John Edge

Mark Bethel played this lovely attacking game, sacrificing first a pawn and then 2 pieces to force mate or win of material, in a recent Worcester County match. Nice one, Mark!
Mark Bethel v Greg Dyett

In 2001/2 Halesowen had two teams in Division 7. This game comes from the match between the them. Darren, who submitted the game, comments as follows "Don normally smashes my dragon to pieces, I had never played the French before but it's amazing what 20 minutes study will do. If I am correct this was Don's only defeat of the season which made it all the sweeter. He blamed it on September the 11th. Don did have a bit of revenge when his son Ben beat me in the semi final of the individual (and what did I play? yes the dragon)!!"
Don Curry v Darren Jackson

Darren Jackson only took up chess quite recently. This game was played in his first ever congress. He must have thought it was an easy game!
Darren Jackson v J Brain

Here is Andy Ambrose win against a (now very) strong junior. It contributed to Halesowen winning the bdcl first division championship for the very first time in 1999.
Andy Ambrose v Ameet Ghasi

Pete Banks won this game in in 6 (yes six) moves to won the 'shortest game' prize in 2001-2.
Pete Banks v J Pakenham

Inspired by the above Pete dug out another 5 quick wins from the last 20 years. It's always good to see other people can blunder, too!
Five quick Pete Banks Victories

Dave Bissell has been the club's strongest player for a long time. But here is one of his earliest wins whilst playing as a junior on a lower board.
Dave Bissell v J Payne

Stewart Fishburne only joined Halesowen in 2000. He lost this amusing game in 1979, and has been reminded of it by his opponent (who he was expected to beat) every time they have met since. Good on you, Brian!!
Brian Whitehouse v Stewart Fishburne

Rob Thomas produced this fine attacking win against a higher rated player at Monmouth 2002
Rob Thomas v P Adams

John Edge won the bdcl division 1 individual in 2001/2. In the semi-final he was drawn against Dave Thomas, who he has played many times before. As both John and Dave play "in your face" chess, the tactical nature of this game is no surprise.
Dave Thomas v John Edge

John Edge states that this is one of his favourites. I'm not surprised!! Moves 20-30 are a real slugfest. And against a really strong opponent in a British Championship qualifying competition, too. Enjoy!
Jonathon Parker v John Edge

Watch John Edge take advantage of a couple of minor looking inaccuracies in the opening. Mate in just 12 moves.
John Edge v D Price