Tue 04        John Southcote visit 
                   Ade and Dale's "We are poles apart in how we play chess, but we are back for more" Tandem Simul 
                   Beginning of Ladder Tournament (running throughout the summer - see foot note 1) 
Tue 11        Free 
Tue 18        Free 
Tue 25        Handicap Blitz Tournament. Controller: Dale  (see foot note 2) 
Tue 02       Pairs Tournament (see foot note 3)- CANCELLED
Tue 09       Free 
Tue 16       Buzzer Tournament. Controller: Stewart 
                  Club Championship Semi Final Deadline 
Wed 17     Tony Evers Memorial game v Stourbridge Chess Club (away) (see foot note 4) 
Tue 23      Free 
Tue 30      Malcolm and Stewart's "What a team" Tandem Simul 
Tue 06      Free 
Tue 13      Free 
Tue 20      Buzzer Tournament. Controller: John 
Tue 27      Free 
                 Club Championship Final Deadline 
                 Final week for Ladder Tournament 
1. The Ladder Tournament - to be run throughout the Summer. The rules are with the current ladder results.  
Briefly, players are listed in order of playing strength with the stronger players at the bottom. 
The idea is to work your way up the ladder (list) and be at the top at the end of August by winning games.  
Games will be time handicapped using rapid play format making several games possible in 1 evening.  
Grab a qualifying player and just start playing.- IMPORTANT: Please can everyone who does not want to play, 
email Pete Banks (pbanks@banks-software.co.uk) asap. This will ensure spaces are not blocked on the ladder.
2. The Handicap Blitz tournament we haven't done as part of the summer schedule before. 
 Each game will last no more than 10 to 15 minutes and the stronger the player, the less time they will receive 
(TBA on the night) note, these will be played with 2 second increments ie. time gained per move made. 
3. The Pairs Tournament, I have tentatively included this, however we were light on numbers last year and I am not 
sure what the level of interest is this time around.  Please can you email myself (ozza001@aol.com) or 
Adrian (priest.130@btinternet.com   -  the likely organiser & serial winner) if you wish to play.
4. Tony Evers Memorial match vs Stourbridge Chess Club - although this is a friendly vs our local rivals this may be a 
good opportunity for some of our newer members to get a flavour of playing under league match conditions.  
If  you would like to know more or are interested in playing please email Tony Taylor (BARTaylor@talktalk.net).