Ladder     Rules
Name Grade Position 1.        The competition shall run until the end of August 2019.
Evans, Joyce H 52 1 2.         January grades are used to put people in reverse grade order to begin with, and will be used throughout.  Ungraded players will be 
Taylor, W Paul 65 2                deemed to be 75, but if they get a July grade that will be used from then on.
Evans, Paul J 124 3 3.         You may challenge anyone who is one, two, three, or four spots above you on the ladder.  If you are challenged to a ladder game, 
Haddon, Chris 68 4                you must play either that night if the challenge is made in person or on the next available Tuesday if the challenge is made
Stuart Maynes 75 5                by email or some other method and the person challenged is not on holiday.  (A refusal to play is treated as a loss.)  
Lees, Chris 75 6 4.         The player making the challenge plays White.  The person being challenged plays Black.
Watson, John 75 7 5.         If the player lower on the ladder wins, he takes the higher player’s spot on the ladder, and the higher player moves down one spot.
Banks, Peter S 102 8 6.         If the higher player wins, there is no change in the players’ rankings.
Taylor, AT (Tony) 89 9 7.         If the game ends in a draw, the lower player takes the spot just below the higher player. 
Etheridge, David 95 10 8.         After a ladder game is played, at least one of the players must play a ladder game against someone else before they are allowed to 
Bowcott-Terry, Silas 100 11                play each other again.
Gregory, Logan 126 12 9.         Time limits.  The lower-graded player has 30 minutes and the higher-graded player  loses 1 minute for each 3 points difference in the
Edge, John A 169 13                grade, provided he will be left with at least 5 minutes.
Stokes, Anthony 131 14
Curry, Don S 132 15
Grimes, Robert 138 16
Ambrose, Andy 144 17
Hadley, Mike 151 18
Bowcott, Dustin 159 19
Jackson, Dale 162 20
Bowcott-Terry, Finlay 180 21
Fishburne, Stewart K 184 22
Arkell, Nicholas D 193 23