Results by Club Members in Tournaments

20/12/19 Manvith recently played in the Leyland congress and got a grading prize with 3.5/5. Results

8/11/19 Finlay, Dustin and Manvith all played in the first event organised by Ravi. Results

22/10/19 From Dustin: A few members entered [Birmingham Rapidplay] this time around. Just myself and Finlay in the Open. I scored 2.5/7, the highlight, drawing against Donald Mason. Despite my low score, I still had a Tournament performance grade of 171. Finlay fared quite a bit better, partly due to beating me in one round. He finished on 4/7 and picked up the grading prize. His grade was 185 for the tournament. We had Manvith in the Major who did very well, finishing on 3/7. Silas did well in the Intermediate, gaining 4 points from 7 games and had a performance grade in the 130s. Don was also in the Intermediate but only scored 1.5 after having to go home early.

18/10/19 I've just found out that Final is the Warwickshire U-18 champion.

30/9/19 Finlay and Manvith did very well in the 2018-19 Grand Prix Link

5/9/19 Manvith scored a very creditable 5.5/11 at the world U-12 championship. Link

23/8/19 Pete won the U-120 Medal in the Stourbridge Blitz tournament

4/8/19 Manvith came second with 5.5/7 in the British U-12 Championship.

24/7/19 Finlay and Manvith played for England in the Glorney Cup. Finlay got 5/5 playing Board 5 in the Robinson (U-14) section. England won. Manvith got 2.5/5 playing board 2 in the Stokes (U-12) section. England came second.

9/7/19 Manvith finished second in the UK Chess Challenge Midlands Gigafinal Under 11 Boys B with 5/6. Silas got 4/6 in the U-11 Boys A. Finlay got 3.5/6 in the U-14.

4/4/19 John Edge has won the BDCL Open Individual title. This replaces the old BDCL Division 1 Individual. I think this is the 8th time he has won!

31/3/19 The BDCL Rapidplay took place today. Halesowen were represented in the Open (Finlay and Stewart, both 3.5/7), Major (Dustin, joint second 5/7, Manvith 2.5/7), Intermediate (Silas 3/7) and the Minor (Don - outright winner with 6/7).

8/1/19 John Edge, who played in the Open at the Shropshire Congress, reports that Finlay came clear 2nd in the U-170 Major, with Dustin 3=, while Silas was 3= in the U-100 Minor.

4/1/19 Manvith has just finished 4= on points at the 2018 London Junior Chess Championships Under 12 Major, and was one of the joint leading U-11 players.

18/12/18 We had 4 players at the London Chess Classic. Keith finished on 6.5/9 in the FIDE Open, just one point behind the winner in a very strong tournament. Dustin, Finlay and Silas entered the Weekend tournaments. Silas got 3/5 in the Under 1600. Dustin did well with 3/5 and was unbeaten in the U-1825 section, but Finlay won it outright with 5/5 and a performance rating for the event of 2455! Fantastic stuff!

6/12/18 John Edge won his first round match in the BDCL Individual tournament. I (Pete) lost mine.

1/12/18 Keith played in the World Senior (O-50) Championship in Bled, and finished with 7.5/11, 1 point behind the winner.

25/11/18 Finlay is Warwickshire Rapidplay U-18 and U-16 and U-14 champion, and Manvith is U-12 champion. Silas was just 1 point behind.

11/10/18 At the BDCL Rapidplay today, Keith was 1st= in the Invitational and Finlay 6th. Dustin was 4th in the Major. Manvith was 7th= in the Intermediate. Silas was 6th= in the Minor, from which Don withdrew.

3/10/18 Our very own GM Keith Arkell continues his great form. He recently won the Paignton Premier, for the 24th time in 26 attempts, with 6.5/7. And then last weekend he won the Nottingham 4NCL FIDE rated weekender with 4.5/5, ahead of a number of GMs and IMs.

19/9/18 In the Terafinal (a national junior competition) recently Finlay got 4/6 in the U-14 section, 1 point behind the winner, and Manvith got 3.5/6 in the U-10 section. Well done lads!

9/8/18 Eclipsing even Keith Arkell's recent Britsh result, Don Curry was =1st in Stourbridge's summer tournament recently.

5/8/18 Keith has just finished with 6/9 in the British Championship, 1 point behind the winner. Great result!

29/7/18 Manvith finished equal second with 5/6 in a strong under 11 British chess championships at hull. He defeated 166 graded (July grade) in the final round. Link

18/7/18 The England team won the silver medals at the World Team Championship Oveer 50. Keith scored 6.5/7 and won a Gold Medal!

Manvith won share of a prize by finish equal 4th in a strong U135 tournament in 19th 4NCL Minor U135 tournament at Telford last weekend. He finished 3.5/5 losing only to the tournament winner who is ungraded.

12/07/18 Manvith played for his school Hallfield on board number 1 for under 11s at National finals for conducted by EPSCA, ECF. Here are the results for Hallfield. ECF under 11 schools - Champions in the country. EPSCA(English Primary Schools Chess Association) Under 11 - Finished 3rd in the country. IAPS ( Independent Association of Primary Schools) - Under - 11 and Under 13 Champions in the country. Keith Arkell won again for England in the World Over-50 Team Championship.

10/7/18 Keith Arkell is playing for England in the World Team Over 50 championship and has 3.5/4 so far. He also won a blitz tournament over there! Follow here

9/7/18 Finlay Bowcott-Terry won the Midlands Gigafinal U-13 event. His brother Silas was =7th in one of the U-10 sections and Manvith Sandhu was =2nd in the other. Manvith was also 2nd in the Hampstead U-135 tournament recently. The youngsters are doing really well! 26/6/18 Manvith got a share of grading and junior prizes at the North Wales Major.

27/5/18 Nick won the Wolverhampton League Rock Cup.

22/5/18 Finlay has won the BDCL Ritson Morry award for 2017-18. Congratulations! At this rate he'll have to get some new shelves put up!

14/5/18 From Dustin: "Finlay won the u13 section of the Warwickshire Megafinal on Sunday. Manvith won the under 10 section, and all three have qualified for the Midlands Gigafinal, whereupon qualification from there leads to the Terrafinal where the best in the country get to compete for prize money of 1500 1st place in the u14 section and 750 1st place in the u10."

6/4/18 Congratulations to Finlay for becoming Warwickshire U-14 champion to go with his Worcester U-14 title.

19/2/18 A number of Halesowen players competed in the 2018 Midland Rapidplay and Blitz at the weekend. No winners but Keith was 2= in the Open and 2nd in the Blitz. Manvith got a grading prize in the U-1750 section and Don was 2nd in the U-1500. Well done all, and mine's a pint!

20/11/17 In the British Rapidplay Championships at the weekend, Silas got 6/10 in the Minor and won a share of the grading prize and a half England team norm, which apparently means if he gets another one he gets a chance of an England trial. Finlay has one too, which he got at the British championships. In this event, Finlay got 4/10 in the Major, and Dustin 4.5/10 in the Intermediate.

19/11/17 Another success for Manvith! He has just become Joint Warwickshire Under-10 Chess Champion for 2017-18.