BDCL Team Entries and Captains 2021-22

Responses to League Play Questionnaire

(apologies for any misinterpretations of responses).

1.       Players willing to play in any conditions

Bob, Chris L, John E, Luke, Mike, Tony S, Tony T (7)

2.       Players who would prefer some restrictions

Adrian, Andy, Paul E, Pete (4)

3.       Social Membership only at present

Ali, Dave R, Don, Joyce, Stewart (5)

4.       Will join the club, undecided over playing until later

Dave E, Ravi, Manvith (3)

5.       Taking 2021/22 off

Dale, Mark (2)

6.       No response yet

Chris H, Logan, Paul T (3)

7.       Leaving/left the club permanently

Dustin, Finlay, John W, Malcolm, Martyn, Nick, Richard, Silas (8)


Seven players will definitely play and 4 more will very probably join them. Three more may also decide to play later.

BDCL Entry Considerations

1.       Our entitlement based on 2019/20 finishing positions is for a team in each of Divisions 1, 2, 4 and 5. If clubs reduce their number of teams the default position is that their lowest teams are withdrawn, except where loss of specific players can justify removal of different teams. Players registered for Halesowen in 19/20 were as follows (players not playing in 21/22 shown in bold, players in red undecided, players in blue not replied)

a.       Div 1 Finlay, Stewart, Nick, John, Malcolm, Dustin

b.      Div 2 Dale, Manvith, Mike, Adrian, Mark, Andy, Bob

c.       Div 4 Tony S, Paul E, Don, Logan, Richard, Pete, Silas

d.      Div 5 Dave E, Chris L, Tony T, Paul T, Ravi, Martyn, Chris H, Joyce, John W


2.       For 2021/22 the bottom two divisions will consist of 4-player teams